The Lamp Andrei Laurie Lumière

Graphic, current, voluptuous, light and feminine, the lamp Andrei displayed all these qualities and deserves many other superlatives.Atypical, it is part of the sculpture luminaires. This is our must have of the week… to adopt urgently!

Why we need the lamp Andrei?

Because the lamp Andrei charm immediately by its perforated and twisted form. With its regularly cut fabric slats, it reveals a haunting and poetic spiral line. This graphic game intensifies once the flashlight to compose an original light effect and draw light on the surrounding surfaces, such as walls or floors.

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How to Make a Feather Light Fixture

Feather luminaries appear in the designer shops in the pages of interior decorating magazines and much more – photographed famous homes. This type of lamp is probably not for everyone, but for people who like to have unusual decor of feathery light catches your attention. Join and bring this attractive fixtures in your own home by feather lampshade for far less than those sold in a trendy boutique.

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David Trubridge Furniture and Lighting Design

The furniture and lamps of the brand David Trubridge design products with morality. An attitude that quickly reaches in today’s consumer society limits.Designer David Trubridge however integrity enough to blow up these boundaries with its innovative design ideas. Innovation is not the same as fashion trends – Trubridges design approach is different: Full confidently he says of himself that he would not always lie with its products at the cutting edge, but is convinced that integrity, originality and resistance at end prevailed. His passion is to create products that present a story. Inspiration for this place Trubridge always in nature and that he seems with his philosophy, operation and product design to want to pay the most respect.

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Lighting Fixtures Manufacturers in Germany

“German Design rarely screams. It does not impose himself, he wants to be of high quality and practical. ” With these words, Florian Hufnagel expressed concern to the online magazine the question , What is German design ‘. Hufnagel, curator of the Munich Neue Sammlung / SMKP, sees the design approaches of the former Ulm School of design as a style characteristic for what is defined as a German design for the past 70 years: businesslike, almost sober design technically is always on the cutting edge.

After the first part of our series “Design lamps made ​​in Germany” the lighting of the young, wild design scene in Germany devoted, we present you in this second post lighting fixtures before that in the tradition of classic German design.

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German Lighting Designer

Ms. Myers is a young and upcoming German designer label from Esslingen near Stuttgart. The company owner and chief designer Felix Severin Mack fades into the background, leaving the popular, colorful lights of a small dog lady present.  Clear shapes and lines, bright colors and a certain lightness make the lights Ms. Myers unmistakable.The aim of the label is to offer good design at a fair price.

The weightless floating and almost graphically acting floor lamp SLIMSOPHIE Ms. Myers is simple and timeless. By filigree steel wire legs on which the fabric-covered lampshade sitting, the lamp has a wonderful lightness that enables it to adapt to any space. This is supported by the varied selection of 12 different colors.

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Reading Night Lamp

Before your eyes on the couch, in the tumult of drunken conversation sleep despite the laughter of friends people who have long not wake up – you can not guess a coach shirts and classic styles, you can see how in a dream, they are blown away by ticking arrows and spilled sand until narrowed their lips into a smile as freeze of mummification. Someone opens the door to the living room and tells you that you need to shave – and you recognize in this interloper grandfather of a black and white photo. Through the window echoing clatter of the train that has long immobilisation because it made more direct line through the mountain path.

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LED Floor Light Strips

With the ability to vary the light intensity according to your needs, floor lamps LED are suitable for any corner of your home: beside the couch or in an armchair, in the bedroom, in the dining room, for an area of the house brighter than ever. Let yourself be inspired by the suggestions of our site and the always get new deals on furniture and furnishing accessories!

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Anna Wintour Is a Person that Intimidating?

Says that Forbes Anna Wintour, the Director of Vogue in the United States, is one of the most influential women in the world. Coinciding with the publication of this list of Top Women, they allow us to see an interview in his office. Continue reading “Anna Wintour Is a Person that Intimidating?”

Tips to Light Up Facade and Leave House Front Beautiful

When designing the dream house , we want it to be beautiful inside and out.Therefore, planning the facade well is indispensable.In addition, we also want the house to attract attention both day and night, always having your safety in mind.For this, the lighting is the perfect tool, because at night makes the beauty of the facade be remarkable, and at the same time gives the necessary protection while we relax or sleep. Continue reading “Tips to Light Up Facade and Leave House Front Beautiful”