Design Ideas for Your Kitchen

To transform a daily gesture in a refined ritual sometimes just un’accortezza, a detail. You can meet your design, when the gesture is as usual there is the cooking of an Italian. Because there is no season that takes, even in summer there is always a nice pasta, even if you are dieting . A nice spaghetti with clam sauce with almond pesto and basil as that suggested by our Francesca , for example.

Type, “Kitchen typeface”, was conceived by Studio Yeast and entirely handmade by a craftsman from Carrara. It is to all effects of a dosaspaghetti, which was created to ‘subtraction’: each extruder that crosses the marble contains the right amount of spaghetti for one, two, three or four persons. What you see is a prototype, but the idea is much like that has managed to raise money “from below”, through a crowdfunding platform, to move to production.

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Ways to Save Water in the Garden

Xeriscaping is a philosophy of gardening-not a style-which aims to create outdoor spaces as beautiful as environmentally friendly. The term “xeriscape” was coined in 1981 by the Denver Water Company to define a new approach to water conservation in its broadest sense. This system is based on seven principles inseparable from each other that create an integrated habitat, efficient and successful. If you live in an area that suffers from drought or want simply to garden without damaging your property, xeriscaping is for you.

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How to Use Picture Frame Decoration

The picture frame is a great choice for framing pictures, and, with them, to complement the decor of a room, is to bring fond memories to the fore, is to break the doldrums visual of a mobile or comfortable or even as a creative piece of design. In addition to being a great option for exposing parts and moments of personal nature and importance and very own meanings, the frames can be a very effective solution to put the visitors, guests and residents of a local residence important, loved ones and travel goals.

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Wallpapers For Every Room

With Wallpaper, Assert Your style!

If the wallpaper ensures a role of the protection wall, its ability to transform interior makes it an essential element of decor that must know how to play.

It is essential to achieve decline wallpaper to suit your needs, your taste and style but also on the part to which it is intended: bedroom, living room, kids room, kitchen, bathroom and even hallway …

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Advantages of Warm White Light

Color concepts based on light tones, rooms can appear larger and bring a positive mood in the house. An interior design that focuses on white, facilitates combinations with other colors, making high-contrast combinations particularly effective. To produce white furniture against dark walls a particularly elegant effect. Also goes well with white but also any other color excellent-whether gaudy or pastel. A consistent, stylish ambience can be as simple as with many other color schemes achieve. In addition, White has a relaxing effect on the eye, it soothes and harmonizes. Depending on the materials used can also be created a cozy and warm atmosphere with white. For wall colors and decorative materials White is also not equal to white: Whether pure white, snow white, ivory or alabaster-on the different color palettes, the manufacturer is often found a variety of shades of white. The mood can be varied as subtle by another sound, like. By selecting the appropriate light source and the matching light White lights are versatile, they are suitable for elegant, minimalist or playful living concepts.

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Art Deco Lighting Fixtures Chandeliers

The chandeliers-the dazzling king of lights. But we think about the lighting of our dining table, our corridor or the domestic bed, we still think primarily of hanging lamps, wall lamps or at most to spotlights.

But why not a chandelier!? It is time to change that! Because, as it would be once, bedroom, hallway or even the domestic workplace upgrade with a very special bright highlight to feel in our home like a king? And with what glowing highlight was going better than with a chandelier?!

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