3-6-9-12 Apprivoiser Les Ecrans et Grandir

Computer, TV, video games… one parent always wonder whether the child had not overdo it with this type of entertainment, from how soon can the few to play video games or watch movies only.

Prof. Serge Tisron by the French Academy of Pediatrics is an easy solution to these issues.

It offers parents to keep the rule 3-6-9-12. Here’s what it means:

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Ways to Save Water in the Garden

Xeriscaping is a philosophy of gardening-not a style-which aims to create outdoor spaces as beautiful as environmentally friendly. The term “xeriscape” was coined in 1981 by the Denver Water Company to define a new approach to water conservation in its broadest sense. This system is based on seven principles inseparable from each other that create an integrated habitat, efficient and successful. If you live in an area that suffers from drought or want simply to garden without damaging your property, xeriscaping is for you.

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Child Development Stages Games

H and 5 months your child begins to catch objects-not only when you put them in his hand, but when you see them and can only touch them by hand. That, says prof. Gencho Piryova is early contact of the child with the toy.

At the end of the first year the child becomes more deftly. It can now walk and began “dangerous” period browsing the house, touching and examining everything in sight him.

At the second year ball game became a favorite child-initially That condition would roll on the floor, then learns to catch and feed. The child already has 30-40 words in the dictionary and began to speak with dolls and teddy bear to deal with a particular interest in picture books.

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Buy Remote Control Cars Online

Remote-controlled cars you can in different qualities and equipment in the scale of 1: 5 to 1:28 bekommen.Es they are in relatively simple designs as pure toys for children, as sports equipment, with which you can take part in national and international races, or as collector’s item for the fan. Special kits are available for both children as well as for available adults.

If you want to pay attention to the price, you can also log for Great look Used models. On the Internet there are numerous classifieds portals, where low can buy remote-controlled cars. The quality of a remote-controlled cars hanging like a from normal car of its services, its facilities and its durability, so can you remote control cars check before buying this quality standard.

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Decorations for the Christmas Tree DIY

Decorations for the Christmas tree DIY to make with children to entertain them making fun waiting for Christmas. From balls that can be created using any type of material, recycled and not, to the decorations of paper and felt, there is too limit to the imagination and creativity of children ahead of Christmas. Here are some creative ideas and some original idea.

The Felt decorations

The felt is the perfect material to give birth to Christmas ornaments to the truly unique tree. You can opt for simple decorations, to easily accomplish by drawing the outline of the desired shape with a pen on the piece of felt , then cut it out along the edges; just add, then, a little ‘tape, securing it with a stapler, the end of the felt figure and the decoration is ready to be hung.

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Types of Watches



Boettstorleken always measured in mm and measures at the center of bezelringen without push buttons and crown.
23-25 ​​mm Child Watch or small watches.
25-30 mm Small children or watches.
30-35 mm Larger children watch or women’s watch.
35-37 mm Smaller midsize, medium size, suitable for young people and women / girls.
37-40 mm Large midsize, suitable for both men and women.
40-43 mm Most common size of men’s wristwatch. Medium, both men and women.
43-45 mm standard size larger men’s wristwatch.
45 – 45 mm and above are more men’s watches.

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Types of Pillow Materials

Pillows Made of Natural Fibers For Allergy Sufferers

Experts advise to cushion fillings from sheep wool, camel hair, horsehair or lyocell, unless the sleeper sweats profusely. This is consistent to natural fibers, which are derived the optimal moisture and heat. Pillows made of natural fibers feel a little harder than, say, down pillows.you’ll still have sufficient resilience and adapt to your head. Natural fiber pillows are also suitable for allergy sufferers.

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All Different Types of Leggings

In our pattydoo-Nährepertoire we now have so many patterns for jersey fabrics that we thought: “A Leggings may not be missing – which must still her” This versatile garment suits many outfits and occasions, is very comfortable and mainly ratz Fatz itself sewn! So we developed patterns in many, many sizes and turned to a new pattydoo Nähvideo.

Now we have a ladies leggings in sizes 32 to 54 as well as a children’s leggings in sizes 92-170.

In the video tutorial you can watch all the steps – including the adaptation of the rubber band and a beautiful Saumvariante:

Why buy so if we look cool printed jersey fabrics our leggings easily can design ourselves!

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Wallpapers For Every Room

With Wallpaper, Assert Your style!

If the wallpaper ensures a role of the protection wall, its ability to transform interior makes it an essential element of decor that must know how to play.

It is essential to achieve decline wallpaper to suit your needs, your taste and style but also on the part to which it is intended: bedroom, living room, kids room, kitchen, bathroom and even hallway …

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