Jumpsuit Tips

Weekend delight and today’s look because I decided to get out of bed.But, as it is a holiday and leave the bed doesn’t mean that laziness has gone out of my body, the look of today’s comfortable, yummy and easy to dress up.

Those who follow the UASZ may already know that I’m a diehard fan of headscarves, red lipstick and… overalls. And I’ve said it here and repeat. Jumpsuit may not be the most versatile piece of your wardrobe, you can’t do those millions of combinations that allow separate parts (ok, you can play a lot with overlays, but you can’t compare in terms of versatility), but, of course, is the most easy to use. Is to choose and wear. Continue reading “Jumpsuit Tips”

Alinne Moraes Fashion

By Isabel Rodrigues/Associated Press Content

The earrings, the white jumpsuit and Navy Blue blazer worn by Livia, Alinne Moraes character in beyond time are part of a wish list of the telespectadoras of the Globe. Is that, in the second phase of the plot of Elizabeth Jhin, the peasant gave way to a successful and safe sommelière, who wears sober and stylish.

Responsible for the look of Yoe is Natalia Duran. The costume designer, with the actress’s own guesses, says wardrobe of Livia is a success for being prepared with practical models, who value the body, besides being very feminine. Continue reading “Alinne Moraes Fashion”

Fashion Tips for Tall Women’s Clothes

In this life no one can get rid of the trouble of dressing up isn’t it? We’ve all been there, tall, short, skinny and chubby and thanks for these questions because so I can help and show that everyone can dress up and feel confident.

The tall women have many difficulties to get dressed and often end up putting something that doesn’t appreciate your body and its beauty. But today his doubts are over.

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2016 Fall Winter Fashion Trends

For a long time it was quiet around him, but recently he’s back – and more than ever! Talking about the turtleneck, one of the trendiest garments in autumn / winter 2016. It is available in the long-or short-sleeved version, colorful or plain or very sweet in striped look. In today’s blog post to learn how to combine the Rolli and what parts he harmonizes optimal.

The sweater with the tubular collar to turn upside dipped in everyday fashion the first time in the 1950s. In the following years he was sometimes more, sometimes less in vogue, was from a worn with enthusiasm, while the others could not do anything with the garment.Whether Rolli-lover or not, in autumn and winter 2016, no one will pass the turtlenecks, because the trendy shell makes every outfit.

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How to The Long Pastel Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are everywhere this season. While we will go easily to a classic black jumpsuit for a chic occasion or blue jeans overalls for more relax days, here at The Pastel Project we will suggest you to try a pastel jumpsuit! All right, maybe the combination between jumpsuit + pastel can be a little bit terrifying, but these two fashion elements are definitely on trend this summer 2014. Originally made for pilots, all-in-one garments turn to be very feminine and even sophisticated when worn in the right cuts, with the good fabrics and with the perfect styling.

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Denim Jumpsuit for Men

I scroll through me as the World Wide Web and come across this blue denim jumpsuit for men. Which set has it made my heart, you can you perhaps imagine quite well. After all, I’m outed as Jumpsuits exuell and my love for these parts can not keep to myself easily.

Rarely seen in men, but definitely is such a jumpsuit a looker! Even this he is of denim fabric.Levis would be proud of us.

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Sexy Lace Jumpsuit

Overal is a fashion piece that is sexy in itself thanks to its cut, which allows wearers to show off her sexy curves in all their splendor. If you are among the brave women who want to have something to enrich overalls and causing more sexy, bet on a lace jumpsuit.

Lace as provocative ornament

In the history of lace used as decorations festive clothes, bed linen and the like. At present, it is mainly lace decoration that makes the clothes more daring. The principle of lace but remained the same – to adorn fashion pieces.

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Military Trend!

You know what the best part of international fashion week? The streets! A lot of people question for our team as are the fashion weeks outside of Brazil. And one of the main differences is that the shows and presentations do not concentrate in one place, as is the case here (Minas Trend, at the Expominas-SPFW, at the Biennale). Each show is held in a different location, that is, when you go to a show to another, always find plenty of stylish people in the streets. Continue reading “Military Trend!”