Performance Fitness Tour de France Bike

In the Tour de France, the Alps and the Pyrenees have a crucial role to play. It is on the high mountain climbs in the Tour is determined. But aside must climb a Tour winner also falls well because if you fall ill, because you can lose a lot of time. A col descend looks like a real art and is lovely to watch TV. Not for nothing, there is a book on this fascinating part of cycling: “Sinking Art” Martin Bons. What are the best performers in the Pack? And what decliners been throughout history the most? An overview.

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Desigual Spring Summer Collection 2016

We know that to Desigual like daring with colors and ethnic patterns juxtaposed in a manner contrary, today we discover the new collection spring summer 2016: jerseys, handbags and clothes.

Desigual is known to be a brand the banner of colors and patterns. The Spanish brand was founded in 1984 and continues to be distinguished and established itself in the fashion world thanks to the mix of flowers, graffiti, strong colors and patchwork. Today we see the new Desigual Spring Summer 2016, straight from the catwalk.

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Stylish Maternity Clothes Pregnancy

Hach yes, alone is the word “Maternity” it makes my cold down the back. I think of Jogging oufits, shapeless cuts, faded leggings and Jersey, Jersey, Jersey. Argh.
In pregnancy with Xaver I was relatively pragmatic was concerned what maternity wear, I wore wide stuff on, much COS was there, I shopped some clothes a few sizes larger, did much of the man and managed almost entirely without a real “fact part “by pregnancy.However – I have hardly increased, and my stomach was not SO big. I’m afraid that this time will be different. So it looks like so far, I’ll carry around by spring such a giant ball in front of me that I probably did not rumkomme to “Maternity”. And then comes the lactation and I need quiet friendly stuff-much reason to go shopping!

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All Different Types of Leggings

In our pattydoo-Nährepertoire we now have so many patterns for jersey fabrics that we thought: “A Leggings may not be missing – which must still her” This versatile garment suits many outfits and occasions, is very comfortable and mainly ratz Fatz itself sewn! So we developed patterns in many, many sizes and turned to a new pattydoo Nähvideo.

Now we have a ladies leggings in sizes 32 to 54 as well as a children’s leggings in sizes 92-170.

In the video tutorial you can watch all the steps – including the adaptation of the rubber band and a beautiful Saumvariante:

Why buy so if we look cool printed jersey fabrics our leggings easily can design ourselves!

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Jako Football Jerseys

Jako jersey Boca  peppy and dynamically to victory.

Jako jersey Boca-the new, sweeping Jako jerseys. The Jako jersey Boca brings more dynamics by the asymmetrical lines and konstrastbarbenen design inserts. By Jako jersey Boca buy soccer jerseys from very durable material with high wearing comfort.The Jako jerseys Boca are in the Team Sports Shop available in 12 different team colors and delight children and adults alike. The Jako jersey Boca can refine perfectly with the club crest, club name and sponsors Prints.

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