LED Strip Instructions: Indirect Wall Lighting Homemade

In an article I wrote for the Light design gallery (at the present time not yet published), I introduced my proposal for an indirect wall lights with LED strips . Here follow a few more technical details, as well as a complete building instructions. Also learn you, where you can buy the LED stripes and even a little trick from me, as you can also fix the LED-strips if not really allows the shape of the skirting board. While you should let this word “Building instructions” but not confuse you, because it is in fact very simple to produce an effective and beautiful, indirect lighting with the LED strips. Continue reading “LED Strip Instructions: Indirect Wall Lighting Homemade”

External Lighting of the House

See tips on how to properly light up the outside of your home.

  • Lighting projects are very important for transmitting the feeling of comfort and warmth. With the correct bulbs and the most suitable, your outdoor area can get pretty warm and perfect for entertaining. To remove all doubts about the subject, talke to the architect and interior designer Lillian Fajardo.

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