Sports Sunglasses

A sport sunglasses is an essential accessory for athletes who are active in the outdoor area. Only, who keeps a clear view in all weather conditions, can fully concentrate on his sport, and thus also achieve optimum performance. Whether jogging, biking, hiking, snowboarding, golfing or beach volleyball-a sport sunglasses will protect you from the harmful UV radiation and drafts and also keeps dust and dirt particles and small insects and small stones out of your eyes. What requirements must meet sport sunglasses, read here.

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Camping Tent for Winter

Finding the right exchange for cold weather camping is an important factor for a pleasant winter camping. Thomas Gooch, product manager at Eureka! Tents, took the time to make his experience, as it is a tent and sleeping bag for winter camping landscapes are, and offer more tips to share winter camping.

The Choice of a Tent

Key Features in a Four Season Tent

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Best GPS Device for Car

The GPS device test tests the best models. Especially for outdoor trips are GPS devices very interesting. Easily and accurately show positions and paths where one non-local is. In the test we have GPS devices according to the criteria of quality, durability and benefits selected. These points were still other factors such as the appearance and the price supplements. So we have in our GPS device test models of all price segments, the outdoor hiking, on a bike or in the car may be used. This we have of the cheaper options to premium quality  listed.

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Light Equipment for Hiking

There is a freedom to be able to walk with light steps and enjoy nature, instead of lugging a large heavy backpack. If you plan properly, you can reduce your packing considerably, without compromising safety or comfort. Start with the heaviest items in your equipment and see if you can replace them with lighter options.

On the net there are of course lots of opinions on what is light or heavy. Try it out in safe conditions and scale down gradually to find the best fit for you. Below I present some stuff that I think is easy and reliable. The kit consists of tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats and kitchen for a person under dryland conditions.

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