Achadões of the Week: Special Shoes

After travel and intense weeks, we go back to the regular schedule of posts. And nothing better to get back to normal than start the week with our classic Achadões. The Achadões of today is inspired by my own past purchases. Since I moved, I got a crazy shoes pindaíba. The thing is, the trunk is a finite area and shoe is a section that takes up a lot of this finite space. The result is that I only brought in changing couples who really loved and lived without. Continue reading “Achadões of the Week: Special Shoes”

The Different Types of Shoes

High, narrow, wide or as a block-the heels of women’s shoes can look like this. There are different types of shoes and every woman has her favorite. But do you really know all the different variants? If not, you will get to know the most common styles of women’s shoes in the following. This way you can search for a specific paragraph for the next purchase and the new shoes are nothing to stand in the way. Continue reading “The Different Types of Shoes”

Learn How to Use Mimolet length

A new length when it comes to clothes of fashion is invading not only the catwalks and national and international parades, but also the streets by women more fashionistas. Is the mimolet length, for who doesn’t know, the length mimolet promises to be a strong trend for this season. The length is a term used to define the women’s skirts and dresses that end shortly after the knees, and can go up to the height of the calf.

The mimolet length provides an extremely delicate and romantic touch to garments from fashion, besides being a very easy length to be combined with other pieces of women’s clothing. The skirts and dresses in this length can be used on a daily basis in most casual productions and during the night, in the most modern and sophisticated looks. The newest length has been adhered to the looks of several famous and celebrities.

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Day Tour to Amsterdamand for Girl Power

And ‘Just spend a weekend in Amsterdam to incorporate the message loud and clear: in the Netherlands Girl Power is stronger than ever and exercises its charm without brakes.
The champion of this rebirth is called contemporary Olcay Gulsen, authentic Fun Fearless Female. At age 34 rests her stilettos on an Empire fashion called Super Trash, created once, years, it was only 23. We know, the name may be misleading, but nothing is as it seems.

With 16 flagship stores in 32 countries worldwide, 90% of its employees are women. She is beautiful like a Hollywood diva and the end of his fashion show FW15-16 ” Modern Pioneers”, set in one of the station tunnel completely covered with glossy Delft tiles (Dutch pride), we ask what is the magic formula to achieve this. Continue reading “Day Tour to Amsterdamand for Girl Power”

What to Wear with Green Sandals

Green – one of the most modern colors of summer. In fact, many shades of green, emerald, olive, mint, malachite and many others. It is the color of nature itself. And his presence in the locker room every girl necessary. He found that post wonderful color and shoes. Irreplaceable thing this summer sandals are green.
Stylists unanimously considered a sign of bad taste combination of shoes and bags to match. Bright green sandals – is an independent element of the suit. They will make your image of an individual and unique. Make a set of freshness and originality.

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How to Have a Romantic Clothing Style

A romantic look is a mix of classic, modern and feminist. It is something delicate and that highlights the look of women, their differential details that makes her different sex. It is more a question of valuing the natural beauty that use something to make beautiful woman. With this pompous description, is it difficult to form this look? The answer is no. Romantic looks are easy to make, just for inspiration in the classics.

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