Vintage Oxford Shoes

In 1950s, they brought with them the rock ‘n’ roll and the divas, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. The war had ended and life seemed a commercial for milk shakes. Femininity returned to fashion and the girls wore gloves and skirts. The 1950s, by the hand of Charles Jourdan, also brought with them to the stiletto, shoes with thin, high heel & toe thin and long. Special to help highlight the female figure, as dictated by fashion.

The younger girls however, used flats, loafers or Oxford with laces with white socks, giving them an innocent look .

For men the look was also quite conventional. Young people were limited to the use of sports shoes. The more adults continued to worship their shoes with laces classic or two tone.

At this time were introduced to the market the well-known creepers, shoes sticking with a thick rubber sole that is dressed in brightly colored socks.

The song of Ana Belén and Víctor Manuel says it clearly: “revolt begins, are the sixties;” and it is completely true. The Beatles, Viet Nam, the miniskirt and false eyelashes. You can learn more by visiting internetages official site. Soon the light of times echoed in shoes and emerged the beloved boots go-go’s. Ideal for the miniskirt-wearing, this boot had distinctive feature high shank, which sometimes could exceed the height of the knee.

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New Spring Looks in H & M Magazine

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