Trendy Hats and Caps

A hat or a CAP is a perfect accessory when the cold weather hits Denmark – which of course makes a great part of the year. Same for all hats and caps is that they are produced in sumptuous materials such as fur, leather, angora, wool and cotton quality and design is always at the top. If you are looking for a new hat or CAP to keep you warm, so is Miinto the right place for you that are looking for what you are looking for. Continue reading “Trendy Hats and Caps”

Fashion Tips for Winter Season

How to face the winter while keeping a modicum of dignity dress? We found five tips to stay stylish without freezing them.

When the mercury drops, night falls at 4: 00 and the icy wind interferes in our meshes, women are traditionally divided into two categories of people.

There are those who would not consider venturing outside without a sweater collar rolled often informed, a pair of tights under jeans or a Canada Goosepadded.

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8 Items That Can Not Miss in Your Bag in the Summer

My beautiful, are traveling to the beach? This season is a delight to enjoy the Sun and the sea. Not to miss in that you have to take in your suitcase, I thought of a few items that can not miss because it will make all the difference.


It is impossible to travel to the beach without our dear sunscreen. Many people suffer because you don’t like sticky effect that he makes on the skin, so I separated three of my favorites. The Vichy and the RoC are for combination skin and I love the crisp effect that they do and I use them in the face, I L ‘ OREÁL I use in the body and have liked him very much. So please don’t forget your guardians because the Sun is killing!

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Embroidered Bucket Hats No Minimum

Embroidered hats bucket type are a great alternative to fishing hats. They wear mainly during the summer to bring more cheer during the warm summer days. Furthermore, in terms of practicality, these caps protect the skin of the neck from harmful ultraviolet rays, unlike other types of hats that are open neck. And in terms of commerciality, it’s a kind of walking billboards. Well, for no other reason but because besides various flowers and frills of these hats can be embroidered logo or name of different companies. Hat can advertise products, services, companies or meetings. And all this naturally, without anyone’s opinion, for example, “Buy such and such a product because it is better than the other,” phrases that our hourly flooded the small screen and print media all the way from different websites.

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Vintage Fashion Style

Vintage style is present not only in fashion but also in interior design. In furniture, it is characterized by aging effect.Still, let’s talk about Vintage fashion, which again is current .Vintidzh style you appreciate those who have more imagination. It takes courage and desire for experimentation. You should be able to break away from the shackles of the familiar you fashion trends and clothing. Vintage fashion is found in women’s clothing and men’s clothing.

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5 Hairstyles for 5 Tats

The hat is definitely one of the must-have accessory this winter: perfect to protect us from the bitter cold, but also to enrich our favorite looks. An ally to be reckoned with to make our special outift and not let us pass unnoticed.

Although, however, it is an accessory as well loved and well used, his hat hides some danger, especially with regard hairstyle and hair with which fails just to get along. Crushed, devoid of volume, messy and sometimes knotted, his hair really find it hard to surrender the hat with which I always end up “fighting.”

That’s why we thought of 5 hairstyle-proof hat to match to as many caps to have perfect hair and look breathtaking!


The wide-brimmed hat is by far the most loved by bloggers who wear it almost every day. It is a very versatile model that is well suited to almost any hairstyle which provide smooth or semi hairdo. The ideal thing, though, especially if it is an opportunity, and daily casual enough is to match the hat hair loose and slightly moved by disheveled waves to give the whole a touch a bit ‘wild and carefree.

Baseball hat and beanie

These two models are definitely the sportier and more suitable for street wear look and sporty chic. It is hats perfect for enriching a look with a touch of bright color and lively, but also to complement the best outfits that would otherwise be a little ‘trivial.

The best way to match them all’hairstyle is to choose a very simple style: straight hair, but not too perfect. The ideal thing would be to wear the hat the day after making waves or curls, in order to have straight hair, but and swayed slightly unkempt, just like those of Clare and Kristina.

Cap bon ton

The hat etiquette guide from MedicineLearners, usually clear, small and very refined, normally requires, as an elegant hairstyle that is in harmony with corpicapo and even with the look.

Teachers in this are definitely English and most notably Kate Middleton who always manages to also be perfect with the strangest hats.

The ideal is to choose a bun low and voluminous, which takes her hair at the nape giving volume to the face and without being too intrusive towards the hat.

Men’s hat

The male hat is definitely the most watched this winter model and also the easiest to wear because it lends itself well to a variety of looks. Worn with a serious and elegant clothing becomes an essential touch of class, while paired with a more feminine or boho chic look becomes a male enhancement that gives character to the look and makes it extremely sexy.

The best hairstyle to match with this hat is definitely the braid: Side choose it, long, disheveled and a little ‘bumpy


Finally, the classic Basque beloved by Paris and symbol of elegance and timeless class. Looks that go well with this hat are not many and they all have a very defined style and detail. The best way, though, to make it even more special beret is to combine it with a low ponytail, perfect to leave the Basque character and still give to the face and character to the entire look.