How to Clean the Skin with ACNE

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions, usually during adolescence, although it can also manifest in adulthood. The genetic factor is one of its greatest detonating, however, other conditions as hormonal changes, emotional stress, poor hygiene, excessive use of products rich in fat and the intake of certain medications, can also give rise to his presence.

Regardless of the cause, maintain an appropriate facial hygiene is fundamental for the aggravating injuries and ensure a healthier skin. We explained to you in detail how to clean the skin with acne and homemade masks that will help you enhance the wellbeing.

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Summer Hairstyle: Braid for Summer

Today I thought I’d show you how to create a braid for the summer to show off to the sea, on the beach, on vacation, day or night.

It ‘a summer hairstyle and saucy and especially while being very simple to implement. And ‘suitable for those who have long hair or medium length, straight, medium length. It allows you to keep your hair tied and not suffer from the heat: in summer you tend to sweat and loose down his back are often annoying hair. A braid or a harvest time are the ideal solution!

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5 Hairstyles for 5 Tats

The hat is definitely one of the must-have accessory this winter: perfect to protect us from the bitter cold, but also to enrich our favorite looks. An ally to be reckoned with to make our special outift and not let us pass unnoticed.

Although, however, it is an accessory as well loved and well used, his hat hides some danger, especially with regard hairstyle and hair with which fails just to get along. Crushed, devoid of volume, messy and sometimes knotted, his hair really find it hard to surrender the hat with which I always end up “fighting.”

That’s why we thought of 5 hairstyle-proof hat to match to as many caps to have perfect hair and look breathtaking!


The wide-brimmed hat is by far the most loved by bloggers who wear it almost every day. It is a very versatile model that is well suited to almost any hairstyle which provide smooth or semi hairdo. The ideal thing, though, especially if it is an opportunity, and daily casual enough is to match the hat hair loose and slightly moved by disheveled waves to give the whole a touch a bit ‘wild and carefree.

Baseball hat and beanie

These two models are definitely the sportier and more suitable for street wear look and sporty chic. It is hats perfect for enriching a look with a touch of bright color and lively, but also to complement the best outfits that would otherwise be a little ‘trivial.

The best way to match them all’hairstyle is to choose a very simple style: straight hair, but not too perfect. The ideal thing would be to wear the hat the day after making waves or curls, in order to have straight hair, but and swayed slightly unkempt, just like those of Clare and Kristina.

Cap bon ton

The hat etiquette guide from MedicineLearners, usually clear, small and very refined, normally requires, as an elegant hairstyle that is in harmony with corpicapo and even with the look.

Teachers in this are definitely English and most notably Kate Middleton who always manages to also be perfect with the strangest hats.

The ideal is to choose a bun low and voluminous, which takes her hair at the nape giving volume to the face and without being too intrusive towards the hat.

Men’s hat

The male hat is definitely the most watched this winter model and also the easiest to wear because it lends itself well to a variety of looks. Worn with a serious and elegant clothing becomes an essential touch of class, while paired with a more feminine or boho chic look becomes a male enhancement that gives character to the look and makes it extremely sexy.

The best hairstyle to match with this hat is definitely the braid: Side choose it, long, disheveled and a little ‘bumpy


Finally, the classic Basque beloved by Paris and symbol of elegance and timeless class. Looks that go well with this hat are not many and they all have a very defined style and detail. The best way, though, to make it even more special beret is to combine it with a low ponytail, perfect to leave the Basque character and still give to the face and character to the entire look.

Perfect Face Makeup with Freckles

How to make up a face with freckles, perfect makeup for those who prefer to enhance their face with the shades suitable for this kind of skin tone. In our photo gallery you will find a lot of ideas to copy and experience.

Clear eyes, red hair and diaphanous skin: that’s who are women who often complain of those specks of brown or reddish that tend to develop in the face and in a good part of the body. Women often dissatisfied and wanting to know How to cover freckles, but there are many others that have no intention to keep it real, indeed wish to enhance them with a make up that is suitable for this particular feature of their face. Continue reading “Perfect Face Makeup with Freckles”

Side Ponytail Braid Wedding Hair

Among the wedding hairstyles latest, the side tail is much loved by those looking for a look romantic but simple, not too sophisticated. Many associate the queue to minimal and saucy styles, but this type of hairstyle can be declined in many different ways, to suit any bride. From the traditional to the most romantic bride and Country chic, tail caters for all tastes and needs, easy to style but still very elegant. And if you do not want to go to the hairdresser, you can have fun creating for themselves your hairstyle to your liking.
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Dry and Style Your Hair with the Diffuser

Dry your hair with the diffuser. If your hair is curly and tend to dry and Frizz, the speaker is an indispensable tool for protecting the health of the hair: it sticks to the hair and protects hair from direct heat that could ruin them. Useful for any hair type: curly, straight, treated with paint, stains, the speaker will not harm because it wipes them gently. Let’s see how best to use the diffuser on your hair to get voluminous curls and natural-looking. Continue reading “Dry and Style Your Hair with the Diffuser”

Dry Your Hair Without Using The Hair Dryer

Dry your hair without using the hair dryer, beauty tips to follow to have perfect hair and silky without having to use the hair dryer, real instrument of torture during the summer!

Dry your hair, especially with the heat and the heat, is a kind of torture for many women with long hair. Let them dry out freely in the Sun, while also achieving the beautiful natural beach waves, is certainly not the solution, but it must be followed small indications not to find himself leading a shapeless nest and Frizz. Let’s see How to blow dry your hair without blow dryer and have soft hair and tidy. Continue reading “Dry Your Hair Without Using The Hair Dryer”

Braid Short Hair

Braid with short hair, you can accomplish with a little imagination or alternatively bind in your hair braid pretend to make a hairstyle like the one sported by celebrities on the red carpet. Here are all the tips and instructions for use.

The braid is one of the most popular hairstyles of the summer because it not only allows us to disguise a not quite in order, but apparently also the hairstyle anticaldo par excellence. And if we have your hair too short? Continue reading “Braid Short Hair”