Anabelas Footwear to Wear with the Bell-Bottom Pants

Pants, flare or pantalona: whatever term you prefer, the fact is that the iconic piece of the 80’s is back to fashionista looks.  Characterized by its tight waist and elongated bar, the model provides the creation of incredible and very elegant visuals. Just hit the composition. Continue reading “Anabelas Footwear to Wear with the Bell-Bottom Pants”

How to Match a Dress with Lace


For some years the facts lace dresses are back to the fore in the field of fashion, so going to rediscover the popular current ” vintage ” of those bygone days. Although beautiful, the lace dress is, for many girls, really hard to match, however, we saw that the sumptuousness of the various features of this fabric does not always pandant with other clothing accessories. If you want to find out how to pair a lace dress. You’ve come to the right guide! Continue reading “How to Match a Dress with Lace”

Get the Look: Jeans and Gladiator

The jeans today is one of the most democratic, materials that revolutionized through the clothing of men and women in 1872, the year in which the fabric was manufactured for the first time. But became popular only 1793, when the textile industry began to use in fact this cotton twill and the baptized of denim. Continue reading “Get the Look: Jeans and Gladiator”