How to Buy a Flashlight?

Type of lens and reflector
This is sometimes not a good case, but the power and type of led as well as its lens and its reflector (the silver zone) are as important as quality can improve or worsen performance.
Type of lens, There are smooth and rough, the smooth ones usually show concentric rings and a clear light and powerful, the rough have the function of blurring the light making it more smooth and even. It is evident that this is also related to the type of light (launcher or innundadora) Continue reading “How to Buy a Flashlight?”

Fenix TK41C LED Flashlight

The Fenix ​​TK41 is based on the Fenix ​​TK45, but there is a big difference: While the Fenix ​​TK45 is a real Flooder is and on wide-area illumination was designed, which is Fenix ​​TK41 a pure Thrower, of the manufacturer over 400 meters range offers.

First of all I want to say at this point already that the Fenix ​​TK41 mastered this task brilliantly, but more on that later.

One last thing before we begin the same: Since not every flashlight holster included (the Fenix ​​TK41 is an example) or assets the included holster to convince high or optically not always, I will of course do this in the future with my reviews whether the tested torch for universal flashlight Holster of MAXpedition is compatible.

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Maglite MAG-TAC LED Flashlight Review

The famous American manufacturer of flashlights has released two new models of lamps.

Maglite is now attacking in the tactical flashlight market.
This lamp, more compact and more interesting for the police, who prefer a lighter lamp and easier to wear than traditional big flashlights.

Both models of tactical lights are named MAG TAC, one is rechargeable and the other comes in 4 colors (khaki, coyote, gray and black).

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Best Tactical Flashlight Review 2016

Hi all! Today a review of a product that has more and more its place in an EDC (Every Day Cary) I named: tactical light.

A real EDC is the bare minimum that you can take with you anywhere, and that willalways serve in situations of distress or survival, is eliminated from immediately thegadget and accessories too fragile. As you have seen in other articles, mini EDC or: the lure nite ize pock

An EDC is generally composed to supply water and food, the paracord or twine, a multi Tools, a knife, a health kit, to fire in any weather, a survival blanket, and what light, brief I dwell not on the subject, we’re taking useful things, and not a Toolbox of8 kilo;). Imagine yourself in nature, your BoB on the back, because in your town disease have decimated the population, and thieves break all the houses… You move the nature… In the forest, it’s already 10: 00 the night turns black and it starts to rain, the cold of January is already the… Suddenly, you see a huge apparently empty House, without light or smoke, his could be a great shelter for the night! You hang yourbag to a tree and you advance slowly toward the House, what is the object you take… a knife? A rifle or a gun? And why not a lamp?

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Solar Charger LED Flashlight

In the series of universal solar chargers green and very practical, this is the Eagle charger, solar charger for your electronic devices that also LED flashlight ..

Eagle, the solar charger with built-in flashlight

Equipped with solar panels 3 single crystal silicon, the solar charger Eagle (5.5x 16.5 x 3.6 cm / 186 gr) can recharge your mobile phones, GPS, Smartphone, MP3, or game consoles. But this solar charger stands out other chargers by its dual function of solar charger and flashlight torch low conso.

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How to Choose Flashlight

 A flashlight always helps us in everyday life and this in many areas. It helps us especially at night, at work or on the road, or when searching for objects in a basement or in the attic or even during camping in an area outside the city, in short, in any dark place. Here are some tips that we propose to take into account to choose a flashlight.Relating to technical characteristics, we must first check the number of small lights or “LED” that has your flashlight.

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Solar Flashlight

The old dream of easily capture the sunlight and then clearing it again when you need it seems to be slowly but surely true.

This solar flashlight is one of the first steps in the right direction to fulfill this dream. With it can be, even if only to a small extent, collect the sunlight. And then you have it always there whenever and wherever you need it just available. The flashlight is equipped for on one side with solar cells and has a lithium battery.

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