Mosqueando Gold

A crossing between rzepecki sill and step of the fatherland who was crowned with the super grand slam of Paraná: dorado, pira pita, pacu and Vogue.

Wanted rio Paraná, praise be, how generous you are. The second basin extension of South America and the eighth longest river on Earth usually give us fishermen infinite variants, and in this case met again incredibly. Without a doubt, the floods of last year have created life everywhere. Increased the food chain in tons of new youth, returning to enrich the waters of a river that would appear to be inexhaustible in its resources and who will return to exploit fish this summer season. Continue reading “Mosqueando Gold”

How to Make a Lure from a Spoon

Also in fishing, as in many other sports of nature, creativity plays a very important role in many cases, especially in some situations where you find yourself in the position of having to use the few things available. To be able to improvise you should be familiar with the techniques adapted to build with your own hands some artificial instrument that can give us a helping hand when we want to go to “tease” the distracted or listless fish. In this guide I will discuss in a few step helpful hints on how to build a fishing spoon with one used in kitchen. Continue reading “How to Make a Lure from a Spoon”

Catch and Release Fishing Rules

Release the fish you catch became something common for some of us. Yet this method is sometimes misunderstood, maligned and No-kill is even banned in several countries. Keep the fish you catch remained a gesture for the rest of the fish population. A heresy for some extremists, normal will tell others. What to think of all this? I’ll try to walk around, to give my opinion on this controversial subject that makes it difficult to objectivity.

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How to Build a Fishing Float

The float has the duty to notify when the fish bites and is therefore a valuable tool for the purpose of fishing. It can be of various types: but if we love fishing, we can customize our equipment, using various recycled materials to make some accessories, such as the float. The latter can be built with different objects, such as a ping-pong pong, a plastic tube or more. In the next steps we see then, how to build a fishing float. Continue reading “How to Build a Fishing Float”

Sawamura Lures Japan

This lure is a creation of the firm Sawamura, based at the Japan. Many times he saved a part of fishing. It is without a doubt the soft lure to have in this tackle box. It is suitable for all types of fishing, launched back in depth, on the surface, drop-shot… with him all is possible.

There are 6 different sizes:

  • 2 inches (50 mm)
  • 3 inches (75mm)
  • 4 inches (100mm)
  • 5 inches (125mm)
  • 6 inches (150mm)
  • 7-inch (175mm)

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How to Mount a Fishing Rod

Among the different activities that you can practice in the outdoors, fishing is definitely one of the most relaxing; Additionally, you practiced outdoors in direct contact with nature and requires patience and great calm, aiding concentration. There are many people who, while loving to eat fish, fishing just for fun, ributtando in water what is fished; inside sport fishing, disciplines such as the “no-kill” or “catch and release” have had a rapid growth in recent years and are based on this principle. This guide will show, for those who want to start practicing this activity, how to mount a fishing rod by following simple instructions. Continue reading “How to Mount a Fishing Rod”

How to Vertical Jigging Fishing

This very recent technique is in full today booms with modern technologies and their accessibility to the public. Vertical was born, say, in Holland, the country of the specialists of the pike perch. In this article I will try to describe the basics of this fishery as simply as possible and allow you, if you’ve not already done, you start the adventure.

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