Rose-Coloured Glasses for the Bride

So happy about it I, to write this column as ex-bride (and to be married, with the loved ones, of course), so I think it’s a shame nevertheless sometimes, no more to be bride. Shortly before our wedding, I had (luckily…) not the famous panic that everything would – go wrong or are not ready in time, but I may have well a few months longer the bride-to-be with pink glasses. Continue reading “Rose-Coloured Glasses for the Bride”

Leisure Society Sunglasses

Glasses-eyeglasses and sunglasses-dominated by retro lines, precious materials, elegant design. The Leisure Society eyewear collection fall-winter 2014-2015.

More than a collection, the line eyewear Leisure Society is a real exploration. And not just for the eccentric model Vinson, dedicated to the great men of the mountain: among the lofty names of frames, here appear Voltaire, Nietzsche, Aristotle, Byron, Oxford and Cambridge.

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