Velvet Lipstick – Price, Photos, How to Use

Photos and Modes of Velvet Lipstick

The velvet lipstick is in the latest trends of fashion, and anyone who has had the pleasure of checking this news knows how interesting this lipstick is, and the texture of it is very different, which is why it got its name.And those who are passionate about lipstick are sure to love this novelty, so be sure to check out more information. Continue reading “Velvet Lipstick – Price, Photos, How to Use”

Makeup to Disguise Darkheads Step by Step – Photos

How to Make Makeup to Disguise Darkheads Step by Step?

Olheiras is something that bothers a lot and women are the most worried about this issue and so we are bringing here some tips on how to make Makeup to Disguise Dark Circles because as we know this makeup does a miracle in the face of people, do not let check. Continue reading “Makeup to Disguise Darkheads Step by Step – Photos”

Learn to Make of Claudia Leitte!

When it comes to Carnival in Salvador, many things come to mind, in addition to the several artists who consecrated the party as one of the most desired of the country.

Claudia Leitte is part of this group and your name is synonymous with joy. She always shakes Salvador on top of the trio and drags crowds. And the feast days involve a lot of preparation of artists. The look is designed with great care and developed by a number of artists. Continue reading “Learn to Make of Claudia Leitte!”