Plus Size Winter Fashion

The plus size fashion this winter appears, in addition to sophisticated, light and comfortable, bringing mesh clothing in large cuts that give woman greater freedom of movement. An example of this, are tissues that appear soft and practical in focus, the so-called meshes, blends sharp Rome and plush. The winter color chart comes more discreet, in earth tones, blue and green variations. Continue reading “Plus Size Winter Fashion”

5 Looks How Her Flat Shoes Combined with Dresses

Lace-up sandals for endless legs

Who loves lace-up sandals will get their money’s worth in 2016. The playful summer shoes are high on the course and are especially good for dresses whose hem ends above the knees.  Thus, the trend trefoils develop their full splendor. Anyone who wants to make the outfit want to light up, as in this example, a color of the shoes in the dress again. Sandals in snakeskin, from Daisy Street, for about 29 euros. Short dress in mustard yellow with free shoulders, from Mango, for about 50 euros. Continue reading “5 Looks How Her Flat Shoes Combined with Dresses”

Fashion Clothes Pregnant-Photos

Fashion Clothes & Shoes

The fashion gestane is great to bring news and clothes for pregnant women to wear comfortable clothes, and each day that passes these clothes are more beautiful and delicate, is what happens with the new Fashion Clothes Pregnant 2018, several different and very comfortable pieces, all this so that the woman can feel good in this special moment of life. Continue reading “Fashion Clothes Pregnant-Photos”