DIY: Table Decoration with Peonies

On the occasion of Pentecost we would like to show you today how you can make this wonderful table decoration with peonies.

In the detailed step-by-step guide, you can see exactly how the romantic peonies are combined into a beautiful flower arrangement so that the table decoration looks fresh for several days. Continue reading “DIY: Table Decoration with Peonies”

Wedding DIY: Table Cards Cupcakes

On today’s DIY Tuesday, we will introduce you to the winners of our wedding DIY competition. Birte from Hamburg has not only won the competition with her table cards Cupcakes, but is also a professional sugar baker by profession. She works for a very tasty food portal and runs her blog with the name Not all cups in the cupboard for two years. What is it about? To her cup of love, of course. We wish you a lot of fun with the baking (we can also imagine the tasty and tasty table cards at a party or a baptism). Continue reading “Wedding DIY: Table Cards Cupcakes”

How to Build a Tripod Fishing Stands

The tripod is a practical and functional, ideal for surf fishing and fishing trips. It is available in aluminium or stainless steel. Allows the housing of at least two rods and is equipped with adjustable telescopic-axes. These are useful to provide effective stability on uneven surfaces such as rocks and sand. On the market there are different models. It ranges from simple up to the more structured, with luminescent substrates that allow a better visibility at night. If you love fishing and want to opt for a low cost solution, you can build your tripod with your hands, using the technique of DIY. To do this, you just have to remember that it must be Compact, easy to carry and adjustable in inclination. Let us see, in the next steps, how to proceed in detail. Continue reading “How to Build a Tripod Fishing Stands”

How to Make a Fishing Trap

If the fishing is our favorite hobby, especially the one with the pot, we can really have some fun while boating, sea areas full of rocks and shoals. With the pot you can catch fish easily and without much effort. For this reason, I recommend reading this tutorial that illustrates the implementation of a fishing net bags.
See you then, with this guide, how to make a fish trap fishing technique of DIY. Continue reading “How to Make a Fishing Trap”

Decorations for the Christmas Tree DIY

Decorations for the Christmas tree DIY to make with children to entertain them making fun waiting for Christmas. From balls that can be created using any type of material, recycled and not, to the decorations of paper and felt, there is too limit to the imagination and creativity of children ahead of Christmas. Here are some creative ideas and some original idea.

The Felt decorations

The felt is the perfect material to give birth to Christmas ornaments to the truly unique tree. You can opt for simple decorations, to easily accomplish by drawing the outline of the desired shape with a pen on the piece of felt , then cut it out along the edges; just add, then, a little ‘tape, securing it with a stapler, the end of the felt figure and the decoration is ready to be hung.

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DIY Gift idea? Boots and Wool Slippers

December is almost here and it’s time to think about gifts! “Ah, gifts, finances goodbye, farewell thirteenth!”. Well, actually it is said, you know? Among the gifts that I have always appreciated, there are some that are just part of the class … At no cost! Are those gifts DIY manual skill born and recycling which, in addition to respecting the environment, make happy those who receive them: is not it better sometimes a gift that required commitment, time and sweat rather than a gift catch on If in the “Ideas for Christmas” department? I guarantee that the person who will receive the gift will be happy designed specifically for you! It was with this in mind, wandering around the net, I found a website, , explaining how to recycle old wool sweaters to make nice slippers and boots. Curious? Here are the instructions to achieve them!

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