Shimano Brings to Brazil the Kabuto Helmets

With innovative technology and design in addition to strict quality control in manufacturing, Kabuto arrives in Brazil through a global partnership with Shimano, being exclusively distributed by Biape, aiming to be a reference in the segment, as it already occurs in Europe and Asia.

The exclusive models focus on the total safety and performance of cyclists, motorcyclists and riders. The Japanese brand is inspired by the armor of the Samurai, the most famous oriental warriors. The company offers a wide variety of equipment for beginners and professionals. The official launch of Kabuto in the Brazilian market took place on Wednesday(10), at the headquarters of Shimano Latin America, at Avenida Paulista, in São Paulo(SP) with the presence of brand director, Ryohei Wada of Japan. Is a Downhill athlete. Continue reading “Shimano Brings to Brazil the Kabuto Helmets”

Roadtrip Through the USA

You dream of celebrating your wedding differently? Leave the classics aside and surprise them all? Then listen to your heart and wonder what kind of wedding would be exactly according to your taste? What have you always wanted to do? What do you particularly love and can it be combined with a somewhat different wedding?

The English couple Alice and Dean have exactly the same thoughts made and his wedding times differently celebrated: With a Roadtrip through the USA.With its unique landscape, it has done the two of the West Coast of America – just the right ambience for us to get married.And so they planned their own personal, different marriages with a wedding at the Eldorado Canyon in Nevada.Las Vegas and San Francisco, a dream come true for the bride and groom. Continue reading “Roadtrip Through the USA”

Moab Desert:the MTB’s World Capital with 814km of Trails!

The Moab Desert:at first sight a piece of sand and rock with beautiful scenery. Take a closer look and you will see that it is the largest mountain bike center in the world. And no, you did not read wrong:I said the world!

With over 800km of trail, the Moab Desert is for mountain biking just as Hawaii is for surfing, Tibet for mountaineering and Switzerland for skiing.If you are having a bit of trouble visualizing this, then prepare yourself.In the following paragraphs you will see the largest MTB center on the planet:the Moab Desert in Utah – United States. Continue reading “Moab Desert:the MTB’s World Capital with 814km of Trails!”

Sweden Cycling Team

Road: Fredrik Kessiakoff was best Swede, and finished in 15th place when Lord little made up for the World Championship on the line. Belgian Philippe Gilbert took a nice solo victory ahead of Norwegian Boasson Hagen. The Bronze went to Alejandro Valverde of Spain.

Sweden lined up with three men in line race over 269 kilometres – Fredrik Kessiakoff, Gustav Larsson and Thomas löfkvist. The competition’s final ruling came as expected in the notorious Cauberg Hill, and Carl Wilhelm Kessiakoff kept once and ran strongly in the final two kilometers into the goal. Continue reading “Sweden Cycling Team”