Ceramidea Design Digital: the Photo Ceramic art Reinvents the Decoration

By love for crafts and design, Chiara Parazzini gave birth to his project CeramIdea Digital and a workshop of technique based on the ceramic decoration artistic fotoceramica.

More and more creative in this process are the perfect means of expression to give life to their ideas and create unique objects, starting from original drawings. In fact, the fotoceramica allows you to customize the ceramic objects by transferring any design on their surface through a special thin decal. decorative objects, furnishing accessories, table accessories or coatings for the home are transformed into unusual and colorful proposals.

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Itinerary Thailand-Part II

NORTHERN REGION (Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai)


Cultural centre of northern Thailand, is located 700 km from the capital Bangkok and is the second largest city in the country. Is cosmopolitan, but without the hustle and bustle of a large metropolis and at the same time small enough to still retain the charm of the village. Continue reading “Itinerary Thailand-Part II”

Sabbatical Amsterdam and London, All in the Family Part XI

I was sitting in a cafe in stazione of Naples when I got a low coast flight for Amsterdam. Even I questioned myself why not continue the journey through Italy, meet new places, take advantage of the European summer, live new adventures. I was happy with the recovered health, feel free, but on the other hand, I felt exhausted. She missed the idle but not exactly to be alone. I wanted to be with people. With people with whom I could have long conversations, have fun … Continue reading “Sabbatical Amsterdam and London, All in the Family Part XI”

10 Gifts of Up to $60!

Christmas is a time that overflows with love and affection. And one of the ways to demonstrate these good intentions is presenting those people who are special to you. But, no one needs to be in the red to participate in the gift exchange, right? Continue reading “10 Gifts of Up to $60!”