Learn How to Choose the Ideal Corset?

Climate and temperature variations of different seasons influence the clothes we wear, and consequently in lingerie that we use.

As with clothes, some models, cuts and fabrics for lingerie are most suitable for use in the summer, others in winter or in milder seasons, because they bring more comfort and better fit with the clothing worn at the station.

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What You Should Not Wear in Summer

There is a reason for which there is the “beach look” definition. If you stay in the warm months in the city to work or study, read carefully what you must not wear.

  1. Avoid the flip flop rubber. Pool shoes and rubber flip-flops should be avoided like the plague. The alien effect fallen from space is immediate. Are automatic & dirt from the sidewalk. Donate to walk the grace of a duck.
  2. Forget to wear the heads in synthetic fabric. Synthetic fabrics are a godsend when you have to iron, that prevents you to do it, but they can punish you and send you to the circle of hell if you dare to wear them in the summer. Transpiration cleared. Stinking proliferation of bacteria and unpleasant scents. Glistening red carpet under the scorching sun. Continue reading “What You Should Not Wear in Summer”

How to Choose a Formal Shirt

Symbol of elegance, the shirt is a staple in men’s wardrobes.That it be brought in a ceremony, a job interview or office every day, it is one of the pillars of the locker room of every man.  It is thus desirable to have at least some formal shirts of quality in its wardrobe.

Not to get lost in the plethora of ready-to-wear current, Artist Office has concocted a synthetic guide on the essential elements to know in order to choose.

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Cleavage Sideboob in Work Place

The cleavage side boob is already considered a strong trend for this season, being seen mostly in the productions and celebrities parading in red carpets with luxurious and sophisticated dresses. Translating for the Portuguese, the cleavage side boob has as meaning “side of breasts”, appearing as details in clothing of women’s fashion, providing much more sophistication and sexiness to the part, but delicately and subtly, without need of appeals and dropping to a vulgar – when used inappropriately.

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History of Cardigan

Like many men’s clothing, the cardigan has a military origin.

For the record, the cardigan was invented by an English lord, James Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan alias. The latter remained in posterity for having cracked a saber her sweater that was too cramped for the battle of Balaklava in the Crimean War.

And that’s the story that was born the modern cardigan!

It was quickly adopted by the English gentry of the mid-19th century and was later adopted by the population.
Today, the cardigan has a somewhat nerdy image in his head many men mistakenly consider it the old shapeless sweater worn by their grandpa!

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All Different Types of Leggings

In our pattydoo-Nährepertoire we now have so many patterns for jersey fabrics that we thought: “A Leggings may not be missing – which must still her” This versatile garment suits many outfits and occasions, is very comfortable and mainly ratz Fatz itself sewn! So we developed patterns in many, many sizes and turned to a new pattydoo Nähvideo.

Now we have a ladies leggings in sizes 32 to 54 as well as a children’s leggings in sizes 92-170.

In the video tutorial you can watch all the steps – including the adaptation of the rubber band and a beautiful Saumvariante:

Why buy so if we look cool printed jersey fabrics our leggings easily can design ourselves!

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Element Jackets For Boys

Now that most element jackets are eingetrudelt for the current autumn / winter season with us, also the gray and cold time of the year can adjust – we are ready.

And you can be too. Whether your heart for successful perennial favorites like Hemlock or Aldersuggests or whether their mood for something new as Roghan or Stark have, with us you will find it.For different tastes and purposes we have the right element jacket at the start; follow introduce you to a few of the flagships.

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How to Recognize a Good Tie

Ties, we find many on the market, in all materials, shapes and designs imaginable. Therefore, finding a good tie can be complicated facing many existing variations. To minimize the chances of error, we note some crucial points to recognize quality models:

The fabric:

This is the most important part of the tie first! It can be made of cotton, cashmere, wool, linen, but the best models will still be made of silk. For indeed, it is more flexible, more shiny and more resistant than other materials. There are various grades, but most ties found commercially are made using tissue from China. Silk is a very delicate matter, it asks several careful steps in the weaving process. Thus, silk from England or Italy can easily cost 15 times more than after an Asian country.

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