Flawless Complexion Tips

A flawless complexion is as perfect as painted. An even complexion is the basis for radiant beauty. Whether your skin tends to redness or acts only slightly irregular: here is the perfect product for you. A perfect complexion with seamless transitions requires a primer and cover products that match your skin tone. Do not reach to primer with a different darker complexion, because this could be quickly unnatural and mask-like. Concealer is preferable to fight with dark circles, camouflage covers reliable individual points. The perfect foundation balances the skin tone of skin and neck, without masking and lasts all day. The so-called BB, CC and DD creams are real all-rounder, which maintain the complexion in a single step and at the same time offset by a slight tint, as well as an anti-aging effect and include sun protection factor. With these small steps, you look fresh and lively every day with little effort.

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