Feminist, Conscious Fashionista and More

She introduced us at age 11 as Hermione Granger, Harry Potter’s best friend. But far beyond the spells with which she won the public during her childhood and adolescence, Emma Watson became a generation activist. From the film saga, which came to an end in 2011, until being announced as an ambassador for the UN Women’s He for She program, the 27-year-old actress was recognized for her speech and actions for gender equality. Continue reading “Feminist, Conscious Fashionista and More”

Underline with a Corset XXL Femininity

In a corset XXL Women can feel incredibly feminine. The bodice conjure in no time a wonderful hourglass figure, which even today is still the epitome of sensuality. Women with a lush Cleavage can be particularly advantageous to put their charms in scene and simultaneously cheating her waist narrow way. Continue reading “Underline with a Corset XXL Femininity”

Vintage Lingerie

Over the years, fashion is changing and lingerie too. But if the vintage is more likely than ever, they appreciate women wearing the same underwear as our grandmothers? Some have experienced: Here are their reactions!

Padded bras, balconette, push-ups… In 2014, women are used to wear the underwear sexy, but comfortable and adequate. This was not always the case of our ancestors… To compare, several women have agreed to try several vintage pieces of lingerie: corsets or bras sharp… even before the start of the experiment, the testers are asking: some are a little frightened, others excited but all are very curious.
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Corsets Only for Slim? Error!

Corsets for Chubby! If you are a woman called. Blood and milk, as nicely Czech says, and you feel that thus corsets are not for you, it’s time to do something about it. Properly chosen corset because you can provide such benefits, what you another linens even dreamed of.

With a full figure often goes hand in hand with large breasts. Regardless of how beautiful and attractive it may be, the fact is that it brings a series of worries. By choosing an appropriate service, starting and ending with a backache. If you have trouble getting adequate bra for her charms, or you simply tired of bras, interesting and effective option for you may be a corset.

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