6 Security Tips for Tablets and Smart phones

Many blog readers have asked me about the need to use antivirus for tablets or smart phones.

In fact so-called computer viruses are only a part of the plagues developed to steal data, erase information or modify the settings of an operating system (see the types in this Tecmundo site article).But to make matters worse, let’s just call them viruses. Continue reading “6 Security Tips for Tablets and Smart phones”

A Look at a Strange World in Vogue Japan

We normally review a cover by who leaves or an editorial in the same way. However, as well as of Vogue Paris It created a great controversy for its content of animal skins and protagonist, simulating a PETA campaign against the model because there are other publishers who called me attention not by controversial but for certain. It is also clear that have a witty and attractive visually. This is the case of the latest editorial of Vogue Japan. Continue reading “A Look at a Strange World in Vogue Japan”