Christmas in Teleadhesivo

Christmas is here

Here is Christmas! The holidays more colorful, affectionate and family throughout the year where our best feelings and purposes emerge and come to light with renewed forces. Where all children are brimming with illusion and adults closer ties with co-workers and celebrate with friends and family around animated tables full of Christmas for your home decoration, the shared joy. To make your home to walk according to the spirit there is nothing better, easier and more effective than a Christmas tree vinyl or some sophisticated Winter Star. Continue reading “Christmas in Teleadhesivo”

How to Wear Riding Leggings

The leggings have become a must have in women’s clothing, that is, it is a piece that needs to be in your wardrobe. The leggings are a democratic item and can support all biotypes, just know how to combine the piece with the rest of the look. The play has several models and leggings mount what has been seen over the bodies of women who want to be fashionable, with comfort and opting for a versatile piece that can compose different looks. Learn more about the leggings mount models and how to include them in their productions.


The mount leggings are made of thicker spandex, giving greater support to the curves than normal leggings, which is usually in finer elastane, which can cause transparency in most cases.

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