How to Style in Winter

Because it is (often) difficult to give in to the violent frosts of winter while maintaining a stylistic dignity, some tips for layering clothes with chic.

It is ever more perilous at this time of the year where, icy wind and gloomy sky, leads us inevitably to sacrifice the latter for the first to combine comfort and style. A trend against which we can try seriously to fight relying on layering, or the art of layering clothes with taste and subtlety. Explanations.

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Trendy Petite Women’s Clothing Sale

Hems of trousers always to do or forced risvoltini, to shorten sleeves and clothes to tighten: these and many others are the low women’s issues and the petite physicality. Luckily they get the petite clothing lines, with their proportionate models to enhance the physical and make you the fairs petite women!
You are tiny and often ended up buying the baby section in the shops because there is not a suitable choice to you? Do not worry, brands are realizing even those who are lower in stature and has a more petite physicality , offering lines “petite” adapted to your measures, but above all with style and in step with fashion.

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Day Tour to Amsterdamand for Girl Power

And ‘Just spend a weekend in Amsterdam to incorporate the message loud and clear: in the Netherlands Girl Power is stronger than ever and exercises its charm without brakes.
The champion of this rebirth is called contemporary Olcay Gulsen, authentic Fun Fearless Female. At age 34 rests her stilettos on an Empire fashion called Super Trash, created once, years, it was only 23. We know, the name may be misleading, but nothing is as it seems.

With 16 flagship stores in 32 countries worldwide, 90% of its employees are women. She is beautiful like a Hollywood diva and the end of his fashion show FW15-16 ” Modern Pioneers”, set in one of the station tunnel completely covered with glossy Delft tiles (Dutch pride), we ask what is the magic formula to achieve this. Continue reading “Day Tour to Amsterdamand for Girl Power”

How to Have a Romantic Clothing Style

A romantic look is a mix of classic, modern and feminist. It is something delicate and that highlights the look of women, their differential details that makes her different sex. It is more a question of valuing the natural beauty that use something to make beautiful woman. With this pompous description, is it difficult to form this look? The answer is no. Romantic looks are easy to make, just for inspiration in the classics.

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Vintage Fashion Style

Vintage style is present not only in fashion but also in interior design. In furniture, it is characterized by aging effect.Still, let’s talk about Vintage fashion, which again is current .Vintidzh style you appreciate those who have more imagination. It takes courage and desire for experimentation. You should be able to break away from the shackles of the familiar you fashion trends and clothing. Vintage fashion is found in women’s clothing and men’s clothing.

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