Sabbatical Year-Part IX

La Spiaggia, the Amalfi Coast

I often joke that I’m 47 years of beach (as the old ad for a sunscreen) because I’m going to the beach as a baby. Of memories (I think from 4 or 5 years) of when we spent the school holidays at Saints or in a cozy apartment in Praia Grande, South coast of São Paulo, being at the beach was always like home. Continue reading “Sabbatical Year-Part IX”

Tel Aviv to Fashionistas

The day is to spend with your feet on the white sands and dive into the warm waters of the Mediterranean. The nights are. Between one program and another, worth getting lost in the streets of the city, on foot or by bike, watching in street art emblazoned on the walls, discovering charming design stores and experimenting with flavours that reveal the influence of various cuisines of the world. Tel Aviv is the dream (held) of modernity and extreme freedom in the Middle East. Take note of what she has and dream of the Israeli metropolis as your next travel destination. Continue reading “Tel Aviv to Fashionistas”

Gabriela Pugliesi Curiosities!

The internet and its phenomena is undeniable on how every day appear more celebrities in the virtual world. Overflowing with followers, they share your life and lifestyle. Either by giving cooking tips, how to keep the body healthy or even star in jokes, many names appear and eventually even difficult to follow so many profiles that “pop up” online. Continue reading “Gabriela Pugliesi Curiosities!”