Spot LED

The LED spot is at the forefront of fashion. Indeed, this light is often used for its practicality and space saving. The downlight LED is a light which serves both ceiling lamp (LED ceiling light) but also decorative. He agrees with a modern and contemporary style and is very suitable for internal and external use.

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Top 5 Trends for Winter 2016

Who keeps asking “Ok, it’s been the SPFW, but until now I don’t know what’s going to be winter trend!”? Yes my loves, I believe most of you, because I was a bit like that. Unfortunately, with the rush didn’t have time to do my studies on trends and I ended up getting a little on the outside, I admit … But, how I love you and I do, yesterday I stayed all afternoon searching the top trends winter 2016 to tell you! Let’s start?

There are many seasons that the metallic luster’s appearing with everything on the catwalks, and who doesn’t? Winter is a cold season that motivates us to use dark colors, so the brightness at a time makes all the difference huh? I confess that I love!

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Choosing Quality Wall Clocks

Nothing is more enjoyable than deciding on the best original accessories that will compliment your personality and be within your budget. When deciding on the chime clock, make sure you choose a high quality and that is affordable; one that will bring beautiful touch to your home decoration.

Do not compromise the quality of the clock; buy from reputable manufacturers worldwide. Whether intended to buy the wall clock in stores or online, you should be well informed on how you can choose the best wall clock chime at a reasonable cost.

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The Lamp Andrei Laurie Lumière

Graphic, current, voluptuous, light and feminine, the lamp Andrei displayed all these qualities and deserves many other superlatives.Atypical, it is part of the sculpture luminaires. This is our must have of the week… to adopt urgently!

Why we need the lamp Andrei?

Because the lamp Andrei charm immediately by its perforated and twisted form. With its regularly cut fabric slats, it reveals a haunting and poetic spiral line. This graphic game intensifies once the flashlight to compose an original light effect and draw light on the surrounding surfaces, such as walls or floors.

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When to Wear a Red Dress

Red is the perfect color for women who want to dare and pull out their femininity, showing off a gritty look, chic and sophisticated.

Red, sensual color par excellence, synonymous with passion, royalty, glamor and style. In all its shades is considered the most glamorous color in the fashion world and is loved by all women because, you know, with a red dress is not passed unnoticed.

Has a strong emotional charge, it is a warm color that attracts, is elegant and daring, gives a charming and sensual allure to those who plan to make their mark. For these and many other reasons every woman should have in her wardrobe a red dress!

It is a difficult color to wear, especially if it’s a dress because the risk of being wrong combination and be out of place is always lurking.

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Slippers for the Spring 2015

It is the shoes of the moment that can not miss in the spring wardrobe! Choose with us the slippers model best suited to your style.

The shoes of the moment it is to them the slippers, or moccasins trend that with good weather are ideal to be worn both at work and on vacation to walk without getting tired.

No to the dancers!

From the time slippers have replaced the classic dancers thanks to a ostule trendier, especially seen on the catwalks is that at the foot of famous fashion bloggers Alexa Chung, the beautiful Kate Moss or as the socialite Olivia Palermo that adores. But because this model like it so much? Because it combines comfort and style, and it is no coincidence that the first to launch this fashion have been Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin are convinced that the slippers can be as chic as their heels!

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Stylish Maternity Clothes Pregnancy

Hach yes, alone is the word “Maternity” it makes my cold down the back. I think of Jogging oufits, shapeless cuts, faded leggings and Jersey, Jersey, Jersey. Argh.
In pregnancy with Xaver I was relatively pragmatic was concerned what maternity wear, I wore wide stuff on, much COS was there, I shopped some clothes a few sizes larger, did much of the man and managed almost entirely without a real “fact part “by pregnancy.However – I have hardly increased, and my stomach was not SO big. I’m afraid that this time will be different. So it looks like so far, I’ll carry around by spring such a giant ball in front of me that I probably did not rumkomme to “Maternity”. And then comes the lactation and I need quiet friendly stuff-much reason to go shopping!

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5 Hairstyles for 5 Tats

The hat is definitely one of the must-have accessory this winter: perfect to protect us from the bitter cold, but also to enrich our favorite looks. An ally to be reckoned with to make our special outift and not let us pass unnoticed.

Although, however, it is an accessory as well loved and well used, his hat hides some danger, especially with regard hairstyle and hair with which fails just to get along. Crushed, devoid of volume, messy and sometimes knotted, his hair really find it hard to surrender the hat with which I always end up “fighting.”

That’s why we thought of 5 hairstyle-proof hat to match to as many caps to have perfect hair and look breathtaking!


The wide-brimmed hat is by far the most loved by bloggers who wear it almost every day. It is a very versatile model that is well suited to almost any hairstyle which provide smooth or semi hairdo. The ideal thing, though, especially if it is an opportunity, and daily casual enough is to match the hat hair loose and slightly moved by disheveled waves to give the whole a touch a bit ‘wild and carefree.

Baseball hat and beanie

These two models are definitely the sportier and more suitable for street wear look and sporty chic. It is hats perfect for enriching a look with a touch of bright color and lively, but also to complement the best outfits that would otherwise be a little ‘trivial.

The best way to match them all’hairstyle is to choose a very simple style: straight hair, but not too perfect. The ideal thing would be to wear the hat the day after making waves or curls, in order to have straight hair, but and swayed slightly unkempt, just like those of Clare and Kristina.

Cap bon ton

The hat etiquette guide from MedicineLearners, usually clear, small and very refined, normally requires, as an elegant hairstyle that is in harmony with corpicapo and even with the look.

Teachers in this are definitely English and most notably Kate Middleton who always manages to also be perfect with the strangest hats.

The ideal is to choose a bun low and voluminous, which takes her hair at the nape giving volume to the face and without being too intrusive towards the hat.

Men’s hat

The male hat is definitely the most watched this winter model and also the easiest to wear because it lends itself well to a variety of looks. Worn with a serious and elegant clothing becomes an essential touch of class, while paired with a more feminine or boho chic look becomes a male enhancement that gives character to the look and makes it extremely sexy.

The best hairstyle to match with this hat is definitely the braid: Side choose it, long, disheveled and a little ‘bumpy


Finally, the classic Basque beloved by Paris and symbol of elegance and timeless class. Looks that go well with this hat are not many and they all have a very defined style and detail. The best way, though, to make it even more special beret is to combine it with a low ponytail, perfect to leave the Basque character and still give to the face and character to the entire look.

Top 5 Wallet Brands

They are not only easy place for keeping money-in them we perform quasi daily walk of our lives. Identity cards, driving licenses, bank cards, discount cards for various coffee shops, old receipts… Show me your wallet, and I’ll tell you who you are. No wonder, when the inside of our wallet reveals so much about us that we also wish us the exterior according jewelery. to buy purses is not any act-wanted a purse that is stylish, the resist makes our personality. Or at least what we would like to express her love. The five top labels, which offer purses that meet the highest aesthetic demands we have put together for you here again.

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