The 7 Best Mid-Range Smartphones of 2017

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3 G Cheaper than Lan-House? Do the Math And Buy A Cell Phone!

The Internet cafes already dominated the country when the internet was still crawling and the price of good computers was too prohibitive. Nowadays, a large portion of the Brazilians in the large centers has at least a home computer and a basic access to the network. Couple this with the ease of getting devices with access to 3 g networks today and we have a service that shortens every year, even with Government incentives for the digital inclusion Centers. But what’s going on? Why do people still use the Internet cafes? Let’s understand a little of it before giving solutions.

The Changing Profile of Lan House

Formerly, the Internet Cafe was the only way for many people to access network resources, such as text editing, access to social networks, email and online games. Today, they had to change their profiles, offering service and sale of computers and many others, in addition to the essential internet access. In large centers, in middle-class neighborhoods and wealthier, hardly you’ll find an Internet cafe. Already in poorer neighborhoods, some still persist, charging between $ 1.00 to $ 2.00 per hour of internet access.

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5 Essential Accessories for Your Cell Phone!

Mobile phones of today has certainly come a long way since the original models. The rapid technological developments the equipped with many powerful features, making the devices needed for everyday life. In addition to keeping people connected to your family, friends and co-workers, cell phones allow them to access the Internet, listen to music, take pictures, manage your e-mails, and streamline your work. It’s no surprise that most people cannot live without this device.

While cell phones can be used immediately when out of the box, most people choose to add accessories to customize their phones, and optimize their resources and capabilities. This guide will talk about five accessories that not only will allow to customize your phone, but also make cell phone use easier and more convenient.

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What Matters Most in A Cell Phone Camera?

Since its introduction, in the second half of the 2000, smartphones have consistently won a market share, because they combine the best features of mobile phones, personal computers and digital cameras. Many modern smartphones have built-in cameras that are actually comparable to digital cameras. With this comparison, comes the question of how many megapixels or what qualities are required on a smartphone. In large part, this question can be answered, having the same factors into account that users make when buying a stand-alone digital camera. A well-informed consumer is in a position to buy the smartphone that best meets their needs, whether purchased from a carrier, an electronics store online stores.

Common Characteristics of Smartphone Cameras

Perhaps the most important aspect for any manufacturer of smartphones is the size. If a component is too large to fit on a phone comfortably, they need to be miniaturized or scanned. This emphasis on miniaturization led to the near-universal adoption of additional sensors to image semiconductor metal oxide (CMOS) for smartphones. CMOS sensors are significantly smaller than the other main type of sensors, charge-coupled devices (CCD), and use less energy.

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Cell Phones Really Interfere in Planes? And At Gas Stations, What’s the Danger?

The mobile phone industry has reassured travelers, saying that cell phones do not interfere with the aircraft or cause fires at gas stations. But this same sector stated that there were studies that showed that radiation from cell phones don’t cause any damage but recent research has proven that there is a relationship with the increase of cancer cases. They speak the truth now?

What are the Concerns About Planes and Gas Stations?

Basically, we can sum up the fear of electronic devices in the two statements:

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What is the Accelerometer of the Cell Phones? Everyone Has?

The accelerometer is an electronic component that measures the inclination and movement. She is also able to detect the movement of rotation and gestures such as swing or shake a given electronic device of which it is part.

The most common use for this is to enable automatic screen rotation on mobile devices when the user changes its orientation from portrait to landscape or vice versa. Another modern application to the accelerometer is to control the music player of your mobile device with gestures or the simple shake of the device.

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What Does FPS on A Cell Phone Camera?

People ask me all the time about FPS (Frames Per Second/frames per second), what it means and what settings are ideal for FPS. I decided to write this article to address these questions at once, especially now that cell phones have become more common than digital cameras and this term is pretty important to understand to capture good images.

Formal Definition of FPS

Short for frames per second (Frames Per Second), a measure of the amount of information is used to store and display a video in motion. The term also applies to analog video and digital video. Each frame is a still image, displaying frames in quick succession, creating the illusion of movement. The more frames per second (FPS), the smoother is the movement. Television in Brazil, for example, is based on the NTSC format, which displays 30 interlaced frames per second (60 fields per second). In General, the minimum FPS needed to avoid jerky motion is about 30. Some computer video formats, like AVI, provide only 15 frames per second.

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Always Worth Buying A High-End Cell Phone?

This year Samsung launched its Galaxy 4S in several markets, including Brazil. From the comments that followed after, this seems to be the new top of the line in the world of smartphones and everyone is excited about it. Even Apple’s latest release, the iPhone 5, was overshadowed by the S4 based on new applications and advanced specifications. However, what’s with all the power in a mobile device? After all, the main use of these appliances have been access to social networks, instant communication and maybe some games.

Don’t Turn Away from Focus

As you read this article, do not forget that the main use of a telephone is communicate, either by SMS or by voice. However, due to the advancement of technology, affordability and penetration of the internet, we can also include the media, mostly Facebook, Twitter (including chat) and e-mails, as part of the basic usages that have become part of our daily lives. Other uses of a phone can include playing music and videos, take photos, calendar, clock, radio and games.

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