Where to Buy on the Net?

You live in a city where there’s no specialty stores for backpackers and adventurers?, or do you want to simply shop for the intenet. Thinking of you and many backpackers the Brazil site of Mochila.COM decided to put an end to this problem, we have selected below some virtual stores and brands of equipment for you to search for the best price. Continue reading “Where to Buy on the Net?”

Inflatable Mattress, Futon Or Sleeping Bag?

Like everything in the camping, the choice of the equipment depends on the type of camping you want to practice, of on-call time, the structure of the place, of the climate that you face and how you’re going to carry it all. Let’s start. Continue reading “Inflatable Mattress, Futon Or Sleeping Bag?”

Different Types of Tents and Their Uses

A good tent is the basis for a really successful trip or vacation. And what is meant by a good tent is highly individual. If we look first and foremost on weight or comfort is most important? It is yours and to help you a little along the way, we have compiled a small guide. Do you have more questions, you are of course very welcome to contact us, we want you to be as happy as possible.

There are different kinds of tents on the market, but the three main types are mainly tunnel tents, dome tents and tipi. Then there are some crossovers and hybrids and specialty models, but here we focus on the most common.

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Warm Sleeping Bag Guides


The extreme range in any case, hopefully not, because it indicates the temperature at which a survival in a sleeping bag with hypothermia is still possible. The comfort range indicates up to what outside temperature a “standard woman” (Editor’s note:.. It really is so, sorry!) With 25 years, 1.60 m height and 60kg in moderate, long baselayer anytime feels.

The limit range is valid for “standard man” with 25 years, 1.73 m height and 70 kg. For this purpose there is once again a norm that unfortunately a disregarded: individuality and physical and mental state. For some people (therefore cool faster) sweat more, others move more (thus warming rather). So unfortunately, the temperature range is a subjective criterion, which can be a guide at best.

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Best Sleeping Bags for Mountaineering

In the past mountaineers ignored how many grams feather stuffing in sleeping bag has to assess how warm it will be.

They were aware that bags of less than 500g feather fillings are summer and winter looking for bags of 900g or more filling. Then taking into account the strength of the filling. For example, a bag of 500g stuffed with fluff-700 (footnote. BC. – “A 500g 700-fill bag”), provides “warm 500-gram bag.” But those were the days when users of sleeping bags are well informed and know exactly what they want. Continue reading “Best Sleeping Bags for Mountaineering”

How to Care for Down Sleeping Bag

There is no better thing than completely dry sleeping bag. Unfortunately, there is no more terrifying than anything wet sack. Saturated with moisture down loses 90% of its insulating properties, because moisture causes it to be matted and disrupts the delicate structure. Down absorb large quantities of water and as lost in this way the majority of the hot properties, must be dried from an external source – such as the sun or the body.
In many cases, when the environment in which work is saturated with moisture: down will fade away gradually with every night since slowly but continually seeping with moisture. The speed at which this happens depends on the skills of mountaineers and the conditions in which the bag is used. This water contamination comes from the outside and inside of the bag. Learning to slow the rate of this loss of thermal performance of the basic skills needed for effective use of feather bag.

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How to Choose the Right Sleeping Bag

Prerequisite for a successful tour in the day is more relaxed sleep at night. Anyone planning his nights in sleeping bags to spend, however, should pay attention to a few basic things. Before sleeping a few beer or schnapps hiss? The sleeping pad for weight reasons omit “the lawn tuts” or sometimes just the sleeping bag borrow the friend who is three heads shorter? A pretty cool and so uncomfortable night appears to be the result here.

Here you can find a few simple tips, what you should look for when sleeping in a sleeping bag and what the purchase of such would be observed. Continue reading “How to Choose the Right Sleeping Bag”