Samsung Launches Galaxy Gear, Smart Watch with Built-in Camera

Device will hit stores by the end of this month

Presentation held days before the IFA 2013 , technology fair that begins on Friday (6) in Berlin, Samsung introduced some of the new features of the Galaxy line for the next few months. Among the highlights for the Galaxy Gear, smart watch with built-in camera. The unit’s worldwide release scheduled for Aug. 25, but the price for Brazil has not yet been revealed. In the United States, the Gear will cost $ $300 (R $700). Continue reading “Samsung Launches Galaxy Gear, Smart Watch with Built-in Camera”

What is the best CCTV Capture Card?

Let’s go through Tips on Capture Cards so you can draw your own conclusions when it comes to Buying and come to understand the technical data in the description of a capture card, Frames Per Second, Video Format, Recording Rate and whether it has access application Through mobile devices and so on. Continue reading “What is the best CCTV Capture Card?”

New Positivo Phones Feature 4G and 8MP Front Camera

Positive to announce new smartphones with values ​​of $ 549 and $ 499. Both the Quattro X435 Positive and the Selfie S455 are available only by Tim.

Positivo has launched two new smartphone line tops.This is the Quattro X435 Positive and the Selfie S455 Positive.The first model, the Quattro, has 4G connectivity, being the first phone brand with such technology.Selfie, as its name implies, arrives with an 8MP front camera. Continue reading “New Positivo Phones Feature 4G and 8MP Front Camera”

USB Camera Review

Video Telephony

A USB camera has useful applications. From phone she accepts telephony. Making calls with video is becoming increasingly popular, as the success of smartphones is impressive.

Cheap USB Cameras Retrofitted
In many new PCs is a USB camera inserted. PCs without a camera can be retrofitted with a USB camera. USB is plug and play, the software will automatically set up. Often, a host of facilities with software included. Use it the external camera to different PCs, so can the learned sequences transmitted. From 20 Euro cameras are to acquire in order to equip the computer. Some collect and enhance their videos to the computer. So you can combine comments and compilations with new video.On some computers, thus comes Audio on the list of possibilities

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Galaxy S7 Edge VS Nexus 6 P

To evaluate the best photographic quality of the new Galaxy S7 edge of Samsung, after it has been compared to that of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy 5, we wanted to compare it with that of the Nexus 6 p, made by Huawei for Google.

The Galaxy S7 rear edge is equipped with a camera that uses a sensor Sony IMX260 from 12 megapixels with optical stabilizer and Dual Pixel technology that allows a much faster focusing. The pixels from 1.4 μm and aperture focal length f/1.7 offer brighter images and sharp even in low light. Also a single LED flash. The front camera has a sensor from 5 megapixels, again with Aperture f/1.7. Continue reading “Galaxy S7 Edge VS Nexus 6 P”

CCTV Towns And Villages

What is The Role of Video Surveillance in The Security of Large And Small Settlements?

CCTV cameras are proving one of the most successful measures to control everyday crime. Globally seen a dramatic drop in criminal acts in places where there is established and functioning surveillance system , which are both public buildings and facilities and large residential neighborhoods.

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USB Audio Interface for iPad

Although It’s an older hat, but I have long been looking for an easy solution to connect my external sound cards with derm iPad. When sound cards have a separate power supply or draw any power that is not a problem on the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter.

However Requires the interface voltage via USB, you must deploy it still a complementary domestic power supply because: the iPad delivers the Lightning connector in such a setup, no voltage.

Through a post in the blog Rebel I was then inspired to the following solution. Tested Erflogreich I have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and the ZOOM H2. The H2 can be so very good to use as a stereo microphone for the iPad.
The whole thing should (Core Audio must be able to recognize the Inreface without a driver is required Apple) with any USB 2.0 Compliant Class Audio Interface function.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + Reviews

After countless rumors, render, pictures, details and rumors, finally Samsung announces new Galaxy S6 Edge +. As you know by now, we are talking about a giant version of the current S6 Edge and therefore a product nearly identical in all its general characteristics, but with a few differences.

First the Display is a drive by 5.7 inches Super Amoled CAPACITIVE capable of offering an exceptional visual quality and, of course, characterized by typical rounded side edges that characterize the design of this product. On board are the same hardware family S6 and therefore processor 4 GB RAM Exynos 7420 but enriched enhance further increase performance in multitasking. The OS is Android in version 5.1 with Samsung UX interface.

Camera 16 megapixel rear 5 megapixel front and full sensor, fingerprint reader included, are obviously part of the “standard” even this S6 Edge +. Camera that, moving on to 16 megapixels, it also introduces the ability to perform live on Youtube directly from your smartphone on your channel, with a quality up to 1080 p depending on your connection you have.

Samsung has improved the audio portion with a speaker even more powerful and better software management and capable of playing media with higher quality. Unfortunately no MicroSD slot and of course battery not replaceable as all range S6, notes 5 inclusive. Supports networks LTE in ch. 9 or ch. 6, depending on the markets and operators. No lack of WiFi connectivity 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac dual band, USB 2.0 and Bluetooth, NFC 4.2.

Finally the battery: thanks to larger we find a 3000mAh with rapid charge that while not a particularly high amount, should still ensure a day of use. Four colours: Silver Titanium, Black Sapphire, White Pearl and Gold Platinum. The size is 6.9 x 75.8 x 154.4 mm. The weight is 153 grams.

Ultimately S6 Edge + new series, only smartphone that will arrive in Italy, is a giant version of the S6 Edge with some improvements that also pass by the software: People Edge renewed and Edge App to debut two new features are presented to which are added some detail reviewed in Touch Wizn (new icon sets) and you should also arrive across the current line S6.

Note 5, S6 Edge + , will be phones with which Samsung will launch the service Samsung Pay, initially planned in USA and Korea but coming in early 2016 in Europe, and the new features Side Sync via PC software.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + will be available in our country from the beginning of September at a price of around 800 € (more details will come later) in 32 GB version in different colours.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is available online from cellphoneexplorer to 534 euros. The price isdecent and there are 5 better models.