Kiko Nail Care Strong Nails

After showing the make-up trends for Autumn Winter 2016 2017, Kiko Milano surprises us with a new rainbow nails for the world.

It comes the new enamels Nail Care line, for a manicure impeccable, always the center of attention. Many treatments for brittle nails, weak, flaked, yellowed and also for those who can not stop eating your nails! Continue reading “Kiko Nail Care Strong Nails”

Makeup to Disguise Darkheads Step by Step – Photos

How to Make Makeup to Disguise Darkheads Step by Step?

Olheiras is something that bothers a lot and women are the most worried about this issue and so we are bringing here some tips on how to make Makeup to Disguise Dark Circles because as we know this makeup does a miracle in the face of people, do not let check. Continue reading “Makeup to Disguise Darkheads Step by Step – Photos”

How to Clean Silver Brooch

The silver is a solid metal so much as it is beautiful and brilliant. A symbol of elegance, silver, is used to create useful and decorative objects for homes and to create precious jewels. For this reason, throughout this guide, I will teach you how to clean a silver brooch. This way you can maintain the brilliance and the beauty thereof.

You need

Be sure to have on hand:

Continue reading “How to Clean Silver Brooch”

10 Hairstyles to Try Already

We have let the procrastinating mania new clothes for a special day, a different makeup for that date that does not yet exist, hairstyles, so just for parties. That annoying thing to a then that may never happen.

I am in favour of the “make tonight all you want, do not leave for tomorrow!” Continue reading “10 Hairstyles to Try Already”

What Will You Get in Summer?

Enjoy the excitement of the Minas Trend to have a chat with some professionals who know everything about beauty and are already eying the promising get in summer 2017. Each chose your bet for the season. Watch and learn the tricks to win a professional in your visual effect: Continue reading “What Will You Get in Summer?”

A Home Office Desk for Work and Study Better

Add a shelf in a common table can get more space for a better organization. What do you think of transferring this idea to the kitchen? Join the shelf to the kitchen table will be phenomenal for hanging dish towels, potholders and cookbooks. Tip: if you put a hook on the side of the bookcase will add more functionality. Continue reading “A Home Office Desk for Work and Study Better”