Sexy Coach 17 Delivery Tips for a Perfect Romantic Evening

By Manuela Almeida

Valentine’s day, which will fall on the date of the opening of the World Cup that year (12 June), is at the mouth of the goal. To start the countdown, the hype sexy coach Fatima Moura, author of the books “Sex For married women” and”sex, love and Seduction”, revealed essential tips to enjoy the romantic day in the best possible way. All this during a lecture on”how to spice things up” for customers of Gisele Bündchen Intimates, that fourth*. Glamurama attended and wrote down everything. Check out: Continue reading “Sexy Coach 17 Delivery Tips for a Perfect Romantic Evening”

Comfortable Sports Bra Review

Today every woman has the opportunity to find the most suitable form to his chest but also to its needs. She’s wearing a plunging neckline or a bustier, she will not have the same type of bra. The example is confirmed even more if she practices a sport.  It then becomes necessary for her to take a specialized below which ensures the best postures. For those who do not yet know the importance of this underwear, the rest of this article could greatly interest you!

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