4 Boxes of Gift for a Very Special Packaging

The month of may can be considered the month of mothers, and is is celebrated mother’s day in various countries of the world, only that on different days. That is why we are paying special attention to the world of gifts and, above all, to something that, in principle, we do not much interest, and is the wrapper. Continue reading “4 Boxes of Gift for a Very Special Packaging”

Anna Wintour Is a Person that Intimidating?

Says that Forbes Anna Wintour, the Director of Vogue in the United States, is one of the most influential women in the world. Coinciding with the publication of this list of Top Women, they allow us to see an interview in his office. Continue reading “Anna Wintour Is a Person that Intimidating?”

Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen

Organizing without creating an easy environment to work/live and keep clean is a waste of time. After a week, everything will be messed up again! In the kitchen, it is important that you organize according to how you work on it. And let’s get down to tips. And they are only two, because for the rest you will find a thousand texts out there and I will give some at the end of the post. Continue reading “Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen”

Do Double Room Yourself around the House

I have now selected detail photos in double rooms. Details that do not need a lot of space, are cheap to make, many for yourself and add grace and warmth, plus functionality. I hope you can enjoy some idea for your room.  Continue reading “Do Double Room Yourself around the House”