Motorcycle Clothing: 6 Pieces You Need to Have

Anyone who has ever made the mistake of getting on a motorcycle wearing inappropriate clothing, has certainly never forgotten the importance of clothing for motorcyclists. Much more than simply style, motorbike clothing offers protection, safety and comfort to the driver, being essential on both cooler days and hot days.

Accessories and clothing made especially for motorcyclists protect against cold and against impacts and traumas resulting from falls or accidents, and may even save lives. Therefore, it is important to invest in quality clothes and accessories, which should be used correctly in all routes. Continue reading “Motorcycle Clothing: 6 Pieces You Need to Have”

Beautiful Models of Leather Skirt

Options In Leather Skirt Check.

Fashion trends keep some pieces like the leather skirt, like pieces that are always in the women’s taste and allow to be part of several beautiful and interesting looks for different occasions.

Thus this piece can come in models that will enhance the female silhouette and allow the combination with pieces such as shirts, blouses, T-shirts, coats, blazers, sweaters, cardigans, tops and other pieces. As you realize it is a very versatile piece that can take you to ballad or night parties, simply combining it with a lot of brightness and sequins, and on the feet nothing better than bet on scarpins, rumors, ankle boots, and others.

Shorter or longer, in the basic and preferred color of all, black or in more cheerful and clear colors, this piece can make all the difference in your look, and in its several versions like pencil, larguinhas, with high waist or not, they are for all tastes and styles.

So for you who want a modern and different look for the Sunday ride, or to work, or even to give a spice on the look, getting more seductive and sexy, nothing better than bet on the leather skirt and you will notice the difference, for sure.

The Mystery of the Boots

I am from Salvador and lived in the river for 9 years. When I arrived in São Paulo, one of the things that gave me work was to uncover the logic of winter shoes, more precisely, the boots. In Rio and Salvador, life goes by and we don’t feel the need to cover your feet (I say cover meeeeesmo, a cover that goes beyond the oxford/slipper/shoes for hot days less) except for style. Continue reading “The Mystery of the Boots”

Tips for Fashion Trends

This week’s column come inspired by the work of one of the few bloggers we love, the New Yorker Leandra Medine, atiradíssimo Man Repeller, which, as the title suggests, usually present – and dress, obviously – trends that cause certain estrangement in the male ward. Yes. Today, parecidinho with Leandra, let’s talk about those parts that a lot of love fashionista, that most women have some resistance to wear and that all men (okay, get three or four on that list, ok?) thinks hideous and not sexy, that is, the real insect repellents. We chose three strong trends of next summer that will wring some noses, but we will try to ease any fear with some tips on how to better use. Come on? Continue reading “Tips for Fashion Trends”

Get the Look: Kendall and Kylie Jenner

Impossible after more than one year does not make a post talking about the looks of the Kendall and Kylie Jenner, isn’t it? Because let’s say so they changed and for the better! Those who follow the saga of the Kardashians family knows that they love a scandal and we love knowing about them, too, haha …

But let’s cut to the Chase … If you ever wanted to steal the looks of Kendall or Kylie, now is the time!

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Day Tour to Amsterdamand for Girl Power

And ‘Just spend a weekend in Amsterdam to incorporate the message loud and clear: in the Netherlands Girl Power is stronger than ever and exercises its charm without brakes.
The champion of this rebirth is called contemporary Olcay Gulsen, authentic Fun Fearless Female. At age 34 rests her stilettos on an Empire fashion called Super Trash, created once, years, it was only 23. We know, the name may be misleading, but nothing is as it seems.

With 16 flagship stores in 32 countries worldwide, 90% of its employees are women. She is beautiful like a Hollywood diva and the end of his fashion show FW15-16 ” Modern Pioneers”, set in one of the station tunnel completely covered with glossy Delft tiles (Dutch pride), we ask what is the magic formula to achieve this. Continue reading “Day Tour to Amsterdamand for Girl Power”

DIY Gift idea? Boots and Wool Slippers

December is almost here and it’s time to think about gifts! “Ah, gifts, finances goodbye, farewell thirteenth!”. Well, actually it is said, you know? Among the gifts that I have always appreciated, there are some that are just part of the class … At no cost! Are those gifts DIY manual skill born and recycling which, in addition to respecting the environment, make happy those who receive them: is not it better sometimes a gift that required commitment, time and sweat rather than a gift catch on If in the “Ideas for Christmas” department? I guarantee that the person who will receive the gift will be happy designed specifically for you! It was with this in mind, wandering around the net, I found a website, , explaining how to recycle old wool sweaters to make nice slippers and boots. Curious? Here are the instructions to achieve them!

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Ladies Sweater

Sweaters are not just clothes that are to keep warm, but much more. They are simultaneously warming cocoon and decorative basics.Although sweaters were first reserved for the men, they have established an excellent position in the world of women. It has long been no longer any shell knitted from wool, but there are a variety of different materials. In any wardrobe, there are various models and colors. Sweaters not only fit for pants excellent, but also to rock . Sometimes they are rustic and sometimes they act filigree worked as lace.

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