Achadões of the Week: Special Shoes

After travel and intense weeks, we go back to the regular schedule of posts. And nothing better to get back to normal than start the week with our classic Achadões. The Achadões of today is inspired by my own past purchases. Since I moved, I got a crazy shoes pindaíba. The thing is, the trunk is a finite area and shoe is a section that takes up a lot of this finite space. The result is that I only brought in changing couples who really loved and lived without. Continue reading “Achadões of the Week: Special Shoes”

Minas Trend: Fabiana Grunge Milazzo

Have the combo of beauty of the shows in the first day and there was the presentation of Fabiana Milazzo. The stylist brought a bet on the grunge movement, which made success in 90 years and is returning to the fashion scene, with the collection “Teen Spirit“. The designer has reinvented this vibe with your glamorous touch and gave super right. “The idea is really to introduce a modern young woman,” he says. Continue reading “Minas Trend: Fabiana Grunge Milazzo”