What Goes in Backpack of a Four Year Old Child

One of the recurring questions that ask me about our  family triparound the world is how to decide on luggage for a year. The golden rule is that we should only pack what is really necessary, because the burden of all those needs will be felt by our arms and back.  Continue reading “What Goes in Backpack of a Four Year Old Child”

Educational Toys – Buy, Price, Photo

Where to Buy Educational Toys?

Children love receiving gifts, whether on any day or any season, and parents have to take advantage of gifts with educational toys because they are great for children to gain knowledge but in a more educational and intuitive way, especially because What draws the child’s attention are these toys. Continue reading “Educational Toys – Buy, Price, Photo”

Kola Home: Inside the Home of Happy People

We’ve always been curious to know what it’s like inside the homes of our customers. What do they do? What are your hobbies? What is essential in decorating?

We decided to make these questions directly to Dear Sir Thadeu Guadagnin (Belo Horizonte-MG), and Miss Carol Moreira (São Paulo-SP). Continue reading “Kola Home: Inside the Home of Happy People”

Sabbatical Year-Part VIII

Simply Roma, of Love

I was there under a sun of 30 degrees and the adrenaline of the Italian bus system. At the same time a ressaquinha insisted on not letting me, caraminholavam doubts in my mind. If I had received the exact information “your bus will come out of that blue dot at 11:00”, but no, the only thing I knew was that it was “over there” that the bus would arrive and depart for Rome. In addition, two American told me: they were tense because they had lost a bus that decided to leave 10 minutes before the scheduled time … and they weren’t there 10 minutes before us. Continue reading “Sabbatical Year-Part VIII”