Top 5 Trends for Winter 2016

Who keeps asking “Ok, it’s been the SPFW, but until now I don’t know what’s going to be winter trend!”? Yes my loves, I believe most of you, because I was a bit like that. Unfortunately, with the rush didn’t have time to do my studies on trends and I ended up getting a little on the outside, I admit … But, how I love you and I do, yesterday I stayed all afternoon searching the top trends winter 2016 to tell you! Let’s start?

There are many seasons that the metallic luster’s appearing with everything on the catwalks, and who doesn’t? Winter is a cold season that motivates us to use dark colors, so the brightness at a time makes all the difference huh? I confess that I love!

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Morena Rosa Moda Feminina 2016

The Morena Rosa is one of the manufacturers of more tuned in national clothing market trends. With its own parade and collection that serves as the basis for smaller brands, their collections are among the most anticipated in the São Paulo Fashion Week and the week of Rio. The Morena Rosa 2016 collection is already in stores and you can see out there much similar thing and inspired, but it is worth always accompany the original, right?

Expectations of Morena Rosa for fashion 2015 summer is very urban and stripped style. Models are valuing comfort, a little color and chartists prints of various styles street wear. One example is the collection launched, with more than five models cotton shirt with chartists prints in black and white, another major focus of the brand and fashionistas.

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Looks for Women with Thick Thighs

Despite the overwhelming majority of women prefer a body more thin and dry, these days, have thick thighs should not be synonymous with disgrace to anyone.

Unfortunately, the world of fashion does not recognize the beauty of the women more plump and so continues to make clothes so small, but so small that even Barbie could use.

If you have thick thighs, your beauty can and should be highlighted. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. So, we created a list with some tips you can follow to stay even more beautiful-just the way you are.

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Facets Rich DIDIS Shirts for Fashion Lovers

Say Hello to multi-faceted DIDIS Shirts! If you had to describe the label in a word, it would most likely be a “rainbow”. All colors and patterns that you can imagine, can be found in the collections of the label and that makes DIDIS as a fashion brand so special. The label, which is already designed very colorful, shows how variable and diverse, it is also with the appropriate slogan “We have all colors”. So they take it right to the point what makes her label and what they stand for.

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Types of Ties

The ideal width depending on your body size

The slim tie
is defined as a tie slim model, the width of the lower end is below 6.5 cm. One might think that it is the fashion these days that would have made appear with this major trend of the curved garment, only she was born much earlier. Indeed, the first signs of slim ties are noticeable from the 20s, but they made a quick visit. This is especially the late 50s to the late 60s they experienced their biggest success before reappearing in the 2000s Anyway, if slim tie has always been synonymous with modernity and youth, the data is slightly different today.

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Men’s Knitted Sweaters

Stained sprint forests, yellow stubble: When autumn begins, it is time once again for knitting! Men’s knit sweater ensure this season that man must neither freeze nor are technically trend in the rain, for knitwear to publish diverse and cooler than ever! From intensely colored motif knit sweaters over retro turtleneck sweater and casual cardigans ( “sooner or later” genuine styling darlings!) To classic knit sweaters for stylish support: man showing off in autumn and winter chic in knitting. We reveal which knitting trends “encouraging ash” menswear this season and how convenient the new masculine scam works.

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