Sandals Anabela-collection

Women are passionate about shoes and every season they try to know which trends are on the rise. There are several models of sandals that are able to make women’s feet more beautiful and also offer comfort, as is the case of Anabela.

About Anabela Salto

Anabela differs from other women’s sandals because of the jump. Rather than having a needle or platform shape, she opts for the middle one by displaying a heel that is as wide as the base of the footwear and has the lower front. This format offers more comfort and stability for the feet.

Although the Anabela jump is not fine, it preserves the elegance of the woman on different occasions. Depending on the design of the piece, the sandal combines comfort and style in a surprising and incomparable way.

The Anabela jump was created by Salvatore Ferragamo in 1936. At first he used wine stoppers to develop footwear, since the raw material was scarce at the time due to World War II.

From the top of an anabela, many women began to feel more comfortable day by day. Footwear was first successful in the 1970s, to the sound of disco music, and in the following decades it remained the darling of the women’s wardrobe.

Sandals Anabela Summer 2013

The wedge sandals usually make success in the Brazilian summer. They combine with different styles of look and reinforce the comfort feeling of the women in the day to day. As it is a very popular women’s footwear model, the brands do not miss the opportunity to include it in the high summer collections .

Here’s the news of anabelas sandals presented for summer 2013:

Bottero: colorful models, made with resistant materials and with delicate finishes.

Via Mars: the new collection highlights the models that value the candy color palette and also the pieces that explore the metallic tones through the strips, like gold.

Ramarim: sandals with strong colors, cheerful and that combine with the summer weather.

Vizzano: charming, elegant sandals that value different styles of women. In the new collection, the anabelas with cork jump stand out.

Tips for using anabela

The wedge sandal is an easy shoes to match, but you need to use common sense to select the right parts. This type of accessory works well in a casual look, such as skirt, short, pants or dress, but should be avoided if production includes social or formal clothing.

When using anabella jump , even the silhouette type interferes with the combinations. Experts warn that although the sandal is comfortable, it can flatten the body of the chubby. Another important observation is that anabelas do not always match women with thin legs.

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