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What is the sneaker perfect for 2016? Impossible to choose one model and it is the perfect sneaker. It’s a so subjective choice that my perfect sneaker will probably not yours… To have an overall trend in sneakers for 2016 so I did appeal to the biggest bloggers mode of the universe! And as they were not refreshed I then turned to the best french fashion bloggers. And you know what? They’ve agreed to show us what is for them the sneaker perfect for 2016.

The sneaker perfect fashion bloggers

Arnaud-ETQ Amsterdam White low top 1

« For me the perfect sneaker must pass all my outfits, denim to the costume. And that is exactly the case here. This pair contains all codes of the sneaker, in a minimalist and chic design that I love. The white will be quickly skated by successive ports. A form of personalization!
Perfection is also carefully selected materials and a making of quality, in the Portugal, a country renowned for the quality of its shoes. One without faults. Totally in the spirit Verygoodlord! »

Lhas Clean 90 to Axel Arigato

« Portuguese manufacturing, Italian margom sole, quality leather for a Swedish vision of the sneakers in both design and refined. That’s what I could find by sliding my feet inside the Clean 90 to Axel Arigato. That is what has me? Simplicity, a comfort without equal and worthy of the best construction! While I’m a strong supporter of the good old Stan Smith of Adidas, which is boilerplate, I quickly found the statement with this young Scandinavian brand.
If I told you that in terms of quality, we easily closer to Common Projects or Lanvin and, for a 2 to 3 times cheaper price? I think for the people who like me, don’t like taking too many risks and looking for kicks that go with a range of outfits important, Axel Arigato became in less than 2 years, a first choice. What rush headlong! »

Guillaume-Sneakers INGLEWOOD by Bexley

« For me, the perfect pair of sneakers must be too sportswear, or imitation of Sunday shoes. You gotta find a good compromise between the two, and especially to feel comfortable in these pumps. They can be worn with any outfit: jeans, simple chino pants a clamp or even pants suit. To do this, I chose the model of low sneakers brand Bexley INGLEWOOD. White, sewn side, Cook calfskin, superior of a recognized creator of shoes. For me, it’s the guarantee of comfort and style in all events and especially at a very affordable price of € 79. »

Barons Papillom clear grey suede leather

« No, this will not be the sorry Yeezy. I think it’s cool, but you also, the whole planet also, and a shoe that is worth $ 1,000 to the brand-new second-hand market, it annoys me a little.
I think all my friends will choose from running, or of the iconic sneaker, so I have enough desire to change, to show you something new, something I’m wearing for years now, that is discreet, which holds well on time. Here at top-mba-universities you can get more different models and styles.
My sneaker / sneakers fetish of 2016, it will be a papillom Barons!So no, not full of nails and rhinestone templates, but rather the sweded models, in a somewhat neutral color that will go with everything, and that is as comfortable as a slipper! Because yes I love the major shoemakers shoes that make feet first, but when you run in Paris, a good pair of sneakers it still saves life.
And you, you like or not? »

sailing white Portofino

« The pair of sneakers of the year 2016? Stan Smiths? Not for me. I had a real favorite for a pair of stylish sneakers to an Italian brand (white sail). the Portofino.

Their white soles to the Lanvin, and the mix of materials (leather and canvas sail navigation, where the brand name) lead to a discreet style and in tune with the times. To wear throughout the day (and evening) with a casual or more sophisticated. »

Manga-Adidas EQT Guidance 93

« At the time of writing these few lines I went through various emotions, how difficult task having to choose my favorite among all sneaker.
As he must choose only one, it is not the Air Max 1/OG RED not only beautiful gives me the impression of having been created based on the shape of my foot (I know it’s in my head).
Is either not the Air Jordan 11/CONCORDE only model brand that I like and that I someday possessed (sorry Quentin). Then I thought to the pair of Puma Sweden/QUARRY-Zinfandel a classic that goes everywhere but finally no!
And not without difficulties, I’ve decided not to spend the day to opt for the ADIDAS EQT GUIDANCE 93, for me, it’s the perfect result of the practical and aesthetic side. Even if the materials are not really at the top of the top, but when we love, the defects become qualities isn’t it?
I dreamed of having this pair in the 1990s and in 2015 for my 26 th birthday that I’m offered.
Contacted my friend Marc (@sevensneakerstore) he’ll get you one if you want. »

 Adidas Stan Smith stripes

« I’m certainly not the most original in this category, but for me, the best sneakers of years past and 2016 remains the Stan Smith (guy has-beens)! I wear it in all weather, since always, she is my most loyal companion. This year, Adidas has released a new ZigZag version that breaks the Stan Smith original through its 3 bands revisited. This adds originality, a pep’s color and they make me vibrate at the first glance. They are in the image of goatee: simple and effective – that can be worn in the week and on weekends. My Lighthouse outfit: a jacket, a t-shirt, a simple pair of jeans and my pair of Stan Smith ZigZag for my walk-in customers!
This new version will seduce more than one with its chic, relaxed and elegant. »

Air Jordan 1 Retro High Wolf grey

« My side big kid won again… I could be more thinking and choose the sleek Lacoste L.12.12 class or the futuristic look of the Adidas Tubular but I got carried away by my passion for the Air Jordan. So it’s my choice of heart that I present. If the Jordan are in the top of the sneakers of legend, I think it’s because those capes of superman for adult. I want to be like Mike… I had a crush on this reissue of the Jordan 1 but if you think this is not a stupid choice. The colors Blue and gray are the basics which can match with all your looks. Even the bold swoosh little to remember a piece of your outfit (left all these reflections of colors there are good one that matches your sweater!) and then he brings PEP, I like it  »

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