Achadões of the Week: Special Shoes

After travel and intense weeks, we go back to the regular schedule of posts. And nothing better to get back to normal than start the week with our classic Achadões. The Achadões of today is inspired by my own past purchases. Since I moved, I got a crazy shoes pindaíba. The thing is, the trunk is a finite area and shoe is a section that takes up a lot of this finite space. The result is that I only brought in changing couples who really loved and lived without.

Turns out, some of the couples that I love and can’t live without are already falling apart. Scratched, worn, soled judiados same. I confess, I’m one of those who uses the shoe even ashamed of so old.

Result, the last batch of liquis, took advantage of the inflated precinho and comrades bought 4 pairs. A sandal with an average jump a moccasin, a sneaker and a sandal more neat work.

And then came the idea of making a shoe only Achadões. Because we will match to find shoe and honest price is not more trivial activities. And the truth is that, of all the items that we have in the closet may be the shoe that has more turnover. A section that spends even and that turns and moves have to reset.

Having all the drama (hehehe), I decided to make a selection of charming and seductive priced shoes to our feet stay chic and without embarrassing himself. Bora?

To begin with, since we’re still in winter, how about a Bootie? I know, it’s a stretch boot that you can chill by the time you’re thinking about buying because, as a rule, is the most expensive shoe type. Even party sandal is easier to find than a boot with good price. As Jojo’s here.

I quite liked this one, ankle boot that has become classic, without draught, very minimalist, but with a new young guy. By R$151,80 on Look now Look.

The more pro style your boho? There’s no problem. I found this in the Q Dress with franjinhas and everything. By dilminhas 139.

Boot resolves the shoe that day of meeting that requires maximum power, self-confidence 5 speed of the dance créu. There is only one answer: sandaália black, lacquered, medium heels, comfort maxi mega power. By dilmas at 137.22 Look now Look.

Now if the occasion is that little dinner with friends, or a happy hour with the guys from work, or a ballad, you can drop a bit more creativity and grow a little more jump. The cool thing about this listradinho model is that he still has that mini platform in front to give an offset in the heel. By R$144,41 in Macro Fashion.

So chrgou domingão. Day trip with the dog in the Park, lunch day relax with the family. Nothing like a birken animal print, comfortable and full of charm. By R$119,96 in E-Galerie.

Another trick question, more boho, maybe for a walk in the Mall?Lunch with friends? By R$71,56 here.

Finally, to prepare for the summer, nothing like a Jaffer of pineapples.Has the cutest stamp? More perfect for a hot day and beautiful sunshine. It’s for dilmas in 99 liqui Q wear.

Ready! Baby shoes to render all year and not be embarrassed.

Good week, folks!

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