How to Use: Mirrored Glasses

Fashion sometimes plays tricks on people, right? When, in the history of that country, would we turn around the mirrored glasses? In my head, they were only meant for surfers … but they fell in the taste of all kinds of people. They left the 80’s directly for the twenty-first century little faces. For this model there are only two types of opinion:either you love, or you hate! Continue reading “How to Use: Mirrored Glasses”

Do It Yourself: Decoration Tips!

This weekend was well fulfilled for those amended with the Thursday holiday, isn’t it? I did a lot of things and I’m here to show you the art I set kkkk. Thursday I was in Paraguay (2 and a half hours here in Campo Grande), bought there some frames to assemble a panel of paintings in the guest room here at home. The wall was very dull and I needed a start to create something with my face, cheerful and fun! And also, it’s more of a corner of the House to make pictures for the blog, YouTube and instagram. We always need to do this, there are scenarios so much!!! Continue reading “Do It Yourself: Decoration Tips!”

Tie Out of Wool

The General förhållningen to kostymmode are often quite strict and formal. Many people choose safe bets in front of personal combinations. That is why it is almost always a silk tie that goes on when the tie is required. Anyone who has ever tried to carry a ylleslips know, however, that it is an equally successful combination. Continue reading “Tie Out of Wool”

Cree High Power Led Recessed Light to Go in Self Made!

There are already many solutions to replace recessed halogen lamps, but so far nothing from the stool has torn me. Often only inferior offered LEDs to completely inflated prices, which can emit very little light and only very partially replace the traditional halogen lamp in the installed state. In this blog post, I will now present my personal installation solution with 10 each other hanging lamps installation. Of all until we get a concept, what should the lamp and what we create value. In other words: What our lamp better to can, as what is on the market. Continue reading “Cree High Power Led Recessed Light to Go in Self Made!”

Aig Promotes Bike Tours Through the City of São Paulo

American International Group, Inc. (AIG), in order to help build a better tomorrow, is carrying out a variety of activities that enhance people’s well-being and safety. On September 22, the Company sponsored the second night cycling tour through the streets of São Paulo. Continue reading “Aig Promotes Bike Tours Through the City of São Paulo”

Manaslu: Comet

4 seasons
Capacity: 1 person
Length: 2, 20 m
Width: 1, 00 m
Max height: 0, 84
Ports: 1
Arches: 2
Advance: 0.80 m
Advance am. 0.78 m
Weight: 2.34 Kg
-Frame in tubes of Duralumin (dural) with 10 mm diameter and internal fittings. The rods are joined by chubby LaTeX elastic with es-section thickness of 3 mm, avoiding losses and doubts at the time of Assembly. Continue reading “Manaslu: Comet”