Shimano Brings to Brazil the Kabuto Helmets

With innovative technology and design in addition to strict quality control in manufacturing, Kabuto arrives in Brazil through a global partnership with Shimano, being exclusively distributed by Biape, aiming to be a reference in the segment, as it already occurs in Europe and Asia.

The exclusive models focus on the total safety and performance of cyclists, motorcyclists and riders. The Japanese brand is inspired by the armor of the Samurai, the most famous oriental warriors. The company offers a wide variety of equipment for beginners and professionals. The official launch of Kabuto in the Brazilian market took place on Wednesday(10), at the headquarters of Shimano Latin America, at Avenida Paulista, in São Paulo(SP) with the presence of brand director, Ryohei Wada of Japan. Is a Downhill athlete.

Wada and Cassio Riccelli, brand analyst at Shimano, presented the full line of the brand and its differentials. Kabuto’s representative recalled that at the London Olympics in 2012, several track cycling teams tested helmets of various brands and opted to purchase the company’s models.”The athletes from South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, China, Russia and some from England used our helmets after performance and aerodynamic tests,” Wada said.

Kabuto’s sponsorship of the São José dos Campos cycling team, Funvic/Marcondes César, also supported by Shimano, was announced by presenting two of its highlights, Alex Diniz and Antonio Nascimento, the”Tonho”. The triathlete Adriano Sacchetto, winner of the Brazil trophy in 2012, Luiz Henrique Cocuzzi, standout of the MTB sub 23, and Gilberto Goes, Brazilian MTB Marathon champion, will also be supported by Kabuto.

Products with high technology – Research and development are constant processes in the evolution of Kabuto, which is at the forefront of the sector. The prototypes are created based on cutting-edge studies, which include wind tunnel testing for aerodynamic analysis within the Japanese factory itself. Wake Stabilizer, for example, is the world’s first top ventilation system and is part of the brand’s helmet manufacturing line. The stabilizer was invented and designed by Kabuto after intensive research based on airflow and aerodynamics. The end result is greater performance and comfort for those who use the company’s accessories.

Kabuto started producing bicycle and motorcycle helmets from 1982 in Japan, and soon became one of the world’s leading helmet manufacturers. Originally, the name Kabuto refers to the samurai era. The qualities were also inherited from these Eastern warriors as strength, ability and endurance.”The challenge is continuous to create the best products. The best can always be improved,”said Hidehito Kimura, founder and owner of Kabuto.”This spirit of challenge has motivated us to develop more than 100 different types of helmets.”

Kabuto consumers around the world endorse the brand for the innovative design and safety of helmets. The models, according to the company, stand out not only on the issue of appearance, but also functionality and comfort. The demands have changed and Kabuto’s equipment has become part of the body of the riders and cyclists.”Our mission is to create excellence helmets. Air is the essence of life and a helmet protects life safely in an emergency. Airflow-based and aerodynamic systems help us get to our bottom line, but never before without much research,”said Hiroyuki Minami, product development manager.

Models already available in the market – Kabuto helmets are already available in the national market with suggested consumer prices ranging from $ 220 to $ 1,800 in colors: yellow, blue, white, colored, frosted silver, silver, red frosted and red.

Kabuto IXA-C and Kabuto IXA-C Victas, both made entirely of carbon, Kabuto IXA MAGIC(made of fiber with carbon reinforcement), Kabuto AERO-K1(modulable and perfect for practice) Kabuto REDIMOS(carbon fiber carcass, super well ventilated) and MS-2(the lightest of Kabuto and will be used by the São José dos Campos team). Following on, the brand offers: Kabuto FARO(comes with headlamp or Cateye camera mount), Kabuto LEFF(for larger diameter heads), Kabuto REGAS 2(intermediate model with top-of-the-line functionality) and entry models Kabuto FIGO(place for light fitting) and Kabuto FR-1(for leisure cycling and bmx). All lines serve the male and female public and are available in sizes XXL, XL, L, M and S.

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