Choosing a Reel for Fishing

Azzurro Sakura

A little new at Sakura to flesh out the cast of the brand range! A reel of entry-level affordable for beginners in the cast… I’m not for a quality casting its usually expensive reel, begin with entry level, in casting material is not always obvious, and it can quickly discourage!

Want to make it accessible to the casting to the greatest types of fishing lures with the Azzurro Sakura. There is a small simple color reel blue in order to be granted to the new range of cane, Sakura sportism neo.

There is a built in rugged steel for a weight of 220gr! Of the side equipment, 6 bearings which two in SA – RB, a block valve needle, a coil of aluminum magnum lite, a brake centrifugal 4 X 8 anti-perruques… Quick calibration ideal therefore for the beginner.

The ratio is 6.2: 1, an average quite versatile for beginners. Brake, side we find a brake of 4kg, a little low for my taste, designed in Dartainium!

A reel casting of entry-level, with some technologies of assistance for a beginner, but which will not facilitate as far the learning of the casting. We’re still far from Abu Garcia, known for the quality of its casting reels. With 50 more we can, for example, afford a S of abu garcia revo Ambassador with a close ratio and higher benefits.

Azzurro Sakura a novelty that is addressing beginners in casting but market which does not satisfy me completely, if you’re attached to the brand and that your budget allows you a little more, orient yourself toward the other novelty of the brand, the Calix Sakura!


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