Talk to the Baby in the Belly when Pregnancy

The Fetus Captures The Vibrations Of Sounds Of Words Issued By The Maternal Voice,With All The Emotions That Accompany Them.

talk to bebe in barriga A pregnancy is a very special moment in life mom and dad,that month-to-month accompanies the development of the child within the womb,and Ortiz with the first signs that the baby will be demonstrating, among them the kicks and stirred throughout the pregnancy.

And one of the best ways to stimulate the baby still in Mommy’s tummy is talking to him, that since your already training begins to understand everything that goes on when your around.

What is the right time to talk to the baby in the belly

In General, from the 16th week of gestation the baby’s ear is already formed, butparents can start talking to your baby early in pregnancy, and this will produce very positive stimuli for baby.

These stimuli can be made through long conversations the mother with the baby still in your belly, and also with music and sounds, like the touch of a musical instrument or even the sounds of nature.

Dad can also participate actively in these moments, chatting with your puppy, telling stories, singing, etc.

Benefits of talk with the baby in the belly

Gradually, the baby will feel all this affection of parents there in Mommy’s tummy,and he begins to demonstrate you’re enjoying all this affection, through its heartbeat calmer, small movements in the womb, and also the suction movement made by the baby as if it were being breast-fed.

Each of these gestures is felt by the mother, and can also be felt for Dad when he puts your hand on Mommy’s tummy, and thus feel the baby move and give their signs of joy and happiness.

Another advantage of the conversation and the affection of parents with the baby still inside the belly of the mother the child will have an easier time learning during childhood, and is a child more quiet and calm.

Some international studies still show that by putting the baby hear Mozart still in the belly of the mother will contribute to the development of your brain, which is known as the Mozart effect.

The baby will remember these sounds when born

Another interesting point is that, the sounds and the music more calmed down thebaby inside of Mommy’s tummy can also be used to calm him down so he was born.

This can happen especially after the sixth month of pregnancy, the time when the implicit memory of the baby begins to form.

With that, starting from the sixth month pregnancy the baby’s brain begins to assimilate the sounds that brought tranquility, and after birth these sounds will do very well, since your subconscious will remember hearing the same sounds in the past.

So talk with your baby, tell him stories, sing and laugh it off, and it will bring you wonderful benefits already in their first days of life.

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