Top 8 Trends Nails for Halloween

For this Halloween, also use a  makeup Halloween dare to use fun designs on your nails, choose your favorite undead that night design.

8. lines

If you are not interested make designs but want to stay in the trend of Halloween, creates lines with the colors of this celebration either orange, black, purple or even green. It depends on you design.

7. Ghost Nails

Dare to make this funny Halloween Ghostly fingernails, you can use orange, black and white or simply draw up the ghost of a transparent layer of varnish.

6. Nails Blood

With a little red wine and varnish or clear lacquer, white or black you can create this effect nail with blood. Simpler designs but yes chilling.

5. Fall Nails

Something else to October in nail trends are autumnal designs, in this case one leaves the nails can be a tree on a nail and the rest just leaves or trees in all nails, you decide Halloween tutorials makeup.

4. Nails Mummy

A terrifying mummies will seize your hands on Halloween, this design is the simplest, everyone depends on the degree of detail they want to nail black and white but you will succeed to perfection.

3. Nails Frankenstein

Dress up your nails with this likeable character classic horror movies, turn your little fingers Frankenstein with black and green enamel.

2. Splatter Nails

The best designs to decorate your nails in Halloween, it is very simple because the base apply in purple and then with a brush spears black paint on the already dry part, the Pollock style.

1. Nails Skeleton

Best nail for this Halloween are the most elaborate despite only require two colors but will feel even if you’re not disguise the Halloween.

Find the option that you like and looks sensational in this Halloween with these fun and original designs for nails.

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