Top 10 Nail Polish

The nail polish on this article can make hands stand out and look amazing with glitter, matte and all worship this season, the crackle.

10. Metallic

The finish gives this nail polish is amazing as it stands without using brightness and range not only consists of silver or gold and has spread covering colors like turquoise, purple, emerald, to give them a more elegant and modern touch your hands.

9. Nail Polish Bicolor

With technology, it is now possible in a single enamel can have two colors. The simple reason that will change your mood can you believe it?. Changing shades will degrade, causing the nail is one color above and below another.

8. Neon Nail Polish

These colors are very fashionable for spring as they are radiant colors are very according to the season and look great on all skin types. When you use, you can combine them and paint each nail a different color for a more psychedelic look.

7. Matte Nail Polish

Classical not go out of style so using this type of enamels always you look good because they are simple but when you create a design on them makes resale more colors. If you want to add a layer of gloss over do it but you can lose the whole essence matte.

6. Magnetic Nail Polish

When you buy this enamel may seem a more but the magic comes when, after applying the second coat approached the magnet (which comes bundled with the enamel) and the nail begin to form various designs. It really is amazing!.

5. Nail Polish To Decorate

If you do not just like to paint your nails but also decorate them, this stylus or pen makes work easier because it has a pen strokes that are more accurate but also includes a thin brush. With them you can make dots, stripes, garigoleados, etc.

4. Nail Glitter

Nails with this varnish look spectacular because you can use it to create different designs and even cover the entire nail with different colors of glitter. They are ideal to show off at parties but if you want to use it and be more discreet the French manicure is the choice.

3. Permanent Nail Polish

Sometimes they varnish last very little, especially if you believe very fast nails. But with this new enamel they may durarte painted up to a month, all because it has a special formula to become more flexible and thus engage the nail growth.

2. Fluorescent Nail Polish

Like shine?, Do not miss the opportunity to try these varnishes that make you shine even in the dark. Although there is not much choice of colors, the basic are yellow, green, orange and red.

1. Enamel uñas Craquelado

Hey here’s number one since late last year and is its finish looks great in all colors, in addition to that already exist more varnishes that create the same effect but with glitter or metallic colors.

These are some of the glazes that are always in fashion and can use in any season, can make different designs and combine them according to your taste.

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