Ombre Nails for Summer

Come summer and do not forget to look coquetry in your hands, which is why we bring this easy ombre decorated for your nail colors this season.


  • Colored enamels
  • enamel base
  • white enamel
  • Brightness
  1. The first thing you have to do is apply nail foundation on your nails, once dry you can apply other colors. Remember that seasonal colors are coral, emerald, violet, lemon, red and neon colors.
  2. This gradient is very simple because you do not have to apply it with sponges, simply apply the lightest to the darkest in each of the fingers, starting with the little finger and ending with the darkest on the thumb color. You can go brightening the color of the glaze by applying a drop of white enamel.
  3. Eliminate excess enamel with cotton to your skin is not stained colors.
  4. Once dry, apply brightness to the set ombre not look dull and the colors stand out. Ready, now you have nails with envy.

Remember that nails make her look all your outfit, and the decor is always important according to ehuacom for how to take care of false nails all occasions and this season anything goes, so try with colors and decorations boast.


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