Nails for Halloween

Give a different touch to your look this Halloween with some nail designs for Halloween that we recommend, you will feel.

Nails houses

Haunted houses are part of the stories of Halloween, you use them as inspiration to create this funny, background colors may vary from purple, green or orange, you decide.

Nails anime characters

Draw the typical vampire makeup for Halloween characters ( but in the anime style, give a different these fictional characters in your nails touch. You can draw different characters by nail or choose only one character.

Nails with eyes

If you’re not so good at drawing but want something different paint your nails black or purple and draw eyes on them, it is a very simple but fun design.

simple nails

If looking for something rather simple but according to the season, your nails painted all black, except the angular finger you can paint with glitter purple, green, red or orange or even make a design.

French orange nails

For those who love the French style nail this is a very original proposal, is the French classic but orange hue with black lines to give a touch of Halloween party.

Nail bats

Bats are animals characteristic of this time, paint your nails a single color can be purple, green, red or transparent and then draw a stick small bats for all your nails.

Vampire Nails

If vampires are your thing on Halloween, make your nails become vampire teeth, it is a very original design.

Cat’s claw

This is the simplest tender but also your nails painted all in black and only one beam design eyes, ears and nose of the cat. He’s fantastic!

Nails Witch

Witches take over your nails with this particular nail design, you can design scratches on all nails or only in a pair and do not forget to draw the witch with black varnish.

Nail zombie

This is designs for evening most original witches and colorful, it is not necessary to know to draw well what counts here is to do the design, do not have to be perfect so it is very easy to do, you can use different colors.

These are some examples and original and different nail designs you can use on Halloween.

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