Tips for Organizing The Closet

You know that sometimes it is impossible to find your clothes or just can not have enough space. Do not worry, we give you some tips for your clothes and accessories are best in your closet  and your room look neater.

8. Deciding to organize

Choose a day when you feel you need a change. Put on some music that you like and start to move the clothes you no longer need, there will be items that want to keep for sentimental value or because you think you will use it someday. Be honest with and choose the clothes you do need to keep.

7. Use boxes and accessories

As you observe your clothes you will realize that you will see much that no longer put or is for special days like a swimsuit, rain boots, umbrellas, etc. There are many ways to save as cardboard boxes or special racks for scarves, there are variousaccessories for it. Do not forget to separate things, shoes in one place, in another scarves, etc.

6. Organized by type of clothing

It is better if you put in a specific place each piece on one side all pants in all blouses another and so on to make it easier to find your clothes and you have left more space.

5. Organize by color

It can also do depending on the color of each garment , thus will be easier to decide what to combine and what to wear depending on your mood up.

4. Clothing that more use

When you decide to organize your closet can serve to focus the attention what more you use, like clothes to go to work or school.You will not have to think hard what to wear or where to find it .

3. Everything in its place

Use the drawers for clothes not need to hang, but destined for each garment. Underwear sometimes only need a single drawer, you can actually divide the drawer with small tables . Blouses you consider that not much shrivel in another drawer and the same for some sheets and towels.

2. Doors behind your closet

If you feel you still have a lot of clothes and you do not know where to place it , exploits the doors of your closet to put some adhesive pendant and put scarves or accessories like necklacesand scarves. You will see how you can make the most of the closet.

1. By seasons

If hot weather and do not need sweaters or jackets, put them in a box and put them in the above part of your wardrobe. There are boxes with very beautiful designs that will make your wardrobe look better. The same when winter , put the clothes in the box.

With these tips hopefully it easier to organize your clothes, since a well-organized closet also talks a lot about your personality or your feelings. So do not hesitate to consider these tips to keep your wardrobe always tidy.

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